mp_stronghold.zip —


Here's another map from my man, zig-zag!!! A rather small map from him this time, 2 camps and a flag, great for practice!!!



Title:                 Stronghold
Map:                 mp_stronghold
Author:              Zig-Zag

Description:       A small Checkpoint map with two camps and a midway flag. 

Gametypes:      Checkpoint or Stopwatch

Instructions:      Place mp_stronghold.pk3 in your  Return to Castle Wolfenstein/main/  directory
                       Map is available under Stopwatch or Checkpoint

Notes:              Goty pack must be installed to view all textures properly.
                       You will notice a drop of about 20 frames per second in the upstairs bedroom due to the mirror. This is temporary
                       and does not affect sniping.

Prefabs used:   Mirror

Special thanks to everyone in {fam} for helping me work out the bugs and hosting my maps, RTCWfiles.com for putting up with my last map,
and everyone who downloaded this map and my last map.
Also thanks to  [GF]DARKONE and Dark Concepts Mapping/Mod Team. WWW.GFCLANSITE.COM for putting that mirror script up for
download for everyone to use. I can't take any credit for that.

Feedback:      [email protected]  (Thanks to everyone who sent me those nice attachements in response to my last map.)  

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