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A demo can be found @


1) Supported games

As of this release, SyStats supports Wolfenstein Enemy Territory as well as the original Return to Castle Wolfenstein and RTCW with Shrub or OSP.

2) Features

For the supported games, SyStats is able to generate the following informations:

* Information about rounds :

- total number of rounds - number of rounds per map - play time per map - play time per round - parameters of each round (ex.: hostname, gamename, game_type, etc.)

* Information about players :

- player name (with color tags) - total xp points - number of times on the winning team - number of times on the losing team

* Statistics per player : (NOTE: These statistics are available on a global player basis as well as on a per-map, per-class and per-team basis)

- play time (in seconds) - kills - deaths - teamkills - teamdeaths - suicides - revives - revived (number of time the player got revived) - dynamite plants - dynamite diffuses - ammo packs given - health packs given - repairs (number of time the player repaired an element on the map) - uniform steals

* Statistics between players : (NOTE: These statistics note how many times an event has happened between two players, for example, how many times player1 killed player2)

- kills - teamkills - revives - health given - ammo given

* Weapon statistics per player : (NOTE: These statistics note how many times an event has happened to a player with an associated weapon)

- kills - deaths - teamkills - teamdeaths - suicides

* Accuracy statistics per player : (NOTE: These statistics are also associated with a weapon and they allow computation of %accuracy and %headshots)

- number of shots - number of hits - number of headshots

* Chat statistics per player : (NOTE: These statistics can be turned off)

- number of global messages sent - number of team messages sent - number of buddy messages sent - last global message sent - last team message sent - last buddy message sent

2) Requirements

To use SyStats, the administrator must be able to install/configure the following software elements:

* MySQL database 4.0.x or 4.1.x (tested using 4.0.12) (MySQL 3.x does not support the UNION keyword which is often used on the PHP side.)

* Apache web server (tested using 2.0.46) * PHP 4.2+ (tested using 4.3.1)

In addition to PHP, some PHP extensions must be enabled in order for SyStats to work properly :

* GD2 * MySQL

In addition to PHP, some PHP packages must be installed and configured in order for SyStats to work properly :

* Smarty (tested using 2.5.0-RC2) * PEAR and PEAR:B * jpGraph (tested using 1.12.1)

Optionnally, the administrator can use the following to create the SyStats database on the MySQL server :

* Perl

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Download 'systats-0.9.6-linux.tar.gz' (3.1MB)

<<<<<<< README.TXT
Release : 0.9.6 (2003-08-...)


Release : 0.9.6 (2003-08-19)

* Output error messages from the parser into a file
* Fixed problem when log file includes some invalid characters
* Display a successful message when the parser has finished importing the database statements
* Display the line number when LogEntries = true
* Fixed problem when log file causes a segfault (when player name ended with ^^, when player score was appointed to an invalid player)
* Fixed some errors in the code that caused SyStats not to compile with gcc 2.96.x

>>>>>>> 1.9
Release : 0.9.5 (2003-08-13)

* Fixed long delay of main page loading (caused by long requests for XP awards)
* Made test.php a little more secure ;)
* Fixed problem in when not using weapon accuracy
* Fixed call to display_player_stats in weapon.php
* Fixed some weapon names thanks to Marc Rouleau (Shrub 3.1.1b) and someone else who had modded unistats for ET
* Fixed problem when commenting out Database option in .conf file
* Add debugging output when reading the configuration file for the debug binaries

Release : (2003-07-24)

* Fixed bug in tracking chat messages (messages were not associated with the right player)
* Fixed bug in tracking overall XP for each players (the XP player list was displaying wrong values)

Release : 0.9.4 (2003-07-23)

* Added detailed Enemy Territory XP statistics (battle sense, engineering, light weapons, etc.) per player
* Added detailed Enemy Territory XP awards (battle sense, engineering, light weapons, etc.) on main page
* Fixed time award bug (award was not given to the right player)
* Fixed chat parsing bug (global chat messages were dropped)
* Fixed bug when player disconnected (probably the source of segfault on some machines)
* Display chat messages awards in main page (can be enabled/disabled)
* Display random chat messages in award section
* Added option in php/includes/ to enable/disable chat messages awards
* Display general stats for a player in player page (including chat stats)
* Cleaned up a few files in the PHP includes, page files and Smarty templates
* Track player aliases (when players change name during game)
* Associate player stats with player aliases as well as player's original name
* Display player's aliases in player page
* Added three types of player list on the main page : general stats, rating stats and ET XP stats
* Added the -w switch to which receives the MySQL password to be used when connecting to the database

Release : 0.9.3 (2003-07-14)

* Added XP tracking for Enemy Territory
* Added total XP and XP/hour award in award list
* Added score tracking for RTCW 
* Added total Score and Score/hour award in award list
* Added killing, dying, teamkilling, teamdying streaks tracking for all supported games
* Added killing streak award in award list
* Save the time when the last update to the stats was made
* Added streaks, win/losses and damage stats to player page
* Added test.php page which will validate configuration of SyStats

Release : 0.9.2 (2003-07-10)

* Added Smarty templates that were missing in the previous release (award_stats.tpl and weapon_stats.tpl)
* Fixed size of the class graph to display complete legend
* Fixed Smarty paths in
* Fixed some bug when not using Database option in systats.conf

Release : 0.9.1 (2003-07-09)

* Added class and file descriptions for Doxygen documentation
* Implemented connection to MySQL for direct events import (no SQL file generated)
see Database option in systats.conf
* Added PlayerFilter and PlayerExclude options in systats.conf
* Added map statistics into the PHP's player page
* Added award list on index page

Release : 0.9 (2003-07-02)

* Added support for original RTCW, RTCW with Shrub mod and RTCW with OSP mod (look for the configuration settings in systats.conf) 
* Fixed player's time tracking 
* Added Doxygen's Doxyfile to generate C++ classes documentation for developers (in CVS)
* Improve name colorizer support in custom game parser 

* Don't parse the whole log file (start from where the last parsing ended)
* Add support for MySQL 3.x
* Display weapon icons in weapon page
* Create and register template queries to speed up queries to MySQL database 
only MySQL 4.1 supports such feature, so this task won't be done anytime soon

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