Talk Tutorial



This is a nice tutorial explaining how you can assign custom messages to just one key..

like pressing "s" and sending a message "I own heavily today" you normally have to type that, but not anymore.

This new version has a longer delay since the previous version had a too short one some servers didnt let the script work normally because of flood control...

This new version should work in all servers



Addition: this version has a larger wait since there are servers with flood control out
there where the script wont work.

Open your notepad and enter

"vsay Oops"
wait 150
"vsay Sorry"
Or vsay_team if u only want your teammates to hear it
Save it as XXXX.cfg
Most likley it will come out XXXX.cfg.txt remove the .txt and put the file 
in your x:\......... Return to Castle Wolfenstein\main folder

Now start a multiplayer session of Wolfenstein and jump in on a empty server 
or start one yourself and open the console with the "~" key (default), then 
remove the "§" and type /bind "x" exec XXXX.cfg
Now you are set to go, every time u push the "x" key you will say Oops Sorry

All for now from {PiC}PsYChODaD

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