Map Review By HotShot Description A castle surrounded by hills at night time.

Objectives: A total of 3 objective which the...


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Map Review By HotShot Description A castle surrounded by hills at night time.

Objectives: A total of 3 objective which the Allies must complete and the Axis must defend. 1. Destroy the Nazi Cross. 2. Destroy the Rocket. 3. Take the Gold to the trucks.

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overall:This map has its good sides and bad sides. So i will start with the bad sides 1st. One of the dissapointments is the fact that the Axis can blow up the cross and rocket, which means some cheating could be done. The map is very one sided with the Axis having ALOT of gun turrets and there is none outside of the castle for the Allies to get to grips with. Also there is a capture point at the back of the castle but the Axis can't gain control of this? but the Allies can, and its not placed very well either because there is no protection. Maybe it should be placed in a hut or some other small building?.1 more thing i did not like is the placement of the objectives. The cross can be awkward to get to as you have to jump from a higher spot onto the wall where the cross is,and there isnt much room for you to get infront of the cross place the dynamite so watch your step. The rocket and gold is the hardest to find. You have to blow open a hatch then drop down and make your way to the rocket (and ignore the well cause u fall u die). You may or you may not notice the Gold on the table in the same room as the rocket?. I know i did not spot it the 1st time i played as the fog/mist makes it hard to see.so look out for the gold on the table..so look out for the gold on the table. The good sides to the map are the Layout and design i know i said the objectives were not placed well but the way the Author as made/constructed this map is good.Its big but not too big, theres some nice sound effects such as the wind blowing the radios transmitting etc..I like the clouds that was moving and the lighting in this map is good its set at night and its not to dark nor to bright.So overall with a few more improvements this could be a great map.

Note: Unfortunatly the map doesnt come with a readme, so you gotta install it without any instructions gives (ofcourse it installs like any other rtcw map so it shouldn't be a problem)

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