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Map Review By HotShot Objectives:Theres 3 objectives that the Allies must complete and the Axis must defend. 1. Destroy the r...


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Map Review By HotShot Objectives:Theres 3 objectives that the Allies must complete and the Axis must defend. 1. Destroy the radio transmitter. 2. Destroy The Big Shell control unit. 3. Steal the top secret Rail Gun documents and transmit them at the HAM radio stations.

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overall:This is a fun map. Basically your on an oilrig at night time And the Allies are there to steal the secret Rail Gun documents, and the Axis must stop them from doing so.There is alot of hight involved in this map but dont worry if you fall because 99.9% of the time you will land in the water.This map has been built like an oilrig i.e.. Big pipes a crane seperate platforms and even a plane and a runway. There is some nice sounds in the map aswell such as the music near the lockers the sound of The Big Shell control unit and the water etc.. There is numerous ways to get the objectives and they aren't that hard to find.The only downsides to this map are it seems a bit to dark in places, the water doesn't flow and the noise of it is to loud Also the whole plane isn't solid (i fell through the middle of it) but apart from that everything else seems ok.The spawn points are good with a capture point also included in the ammo tower. So if your fed up with playing the same old maps then now is the time to start downloading cause i think this willgive you alot of fun.1 last thing is that ive noticed on every custom map and even some of the original maps when you place dynamite on the floor all the textures in that area go blurry? I would like to know if this happens to anyone else or just poor old me?:(.

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Thank you for downloading "The Big Shell".  It's a new map by me ChuxterofDOOM.  Now all you have to do is put this in you "Main" folder in the Return to castle wolfenstein directory. In other words just put the mp_bigshell.pk3 in the folder that also has .pk3 files. Now you can create your own server, if you know how, or just join a server that is already hosting this map.  If you want to just check out the map then just go into the create a server menu in the multiplayer section and look at the list of maps on the bottom left, pick The Big Shell and make sure you set the server dedicated to "no". choose accept and it will load the map and voila. Youre at "The Big Shell".  Any questions or comments would be appreciated seeing how this is a test for the map. Post them at I will see them there. Please distribute this map freely to anyone and everyone thanks.

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