The Elude Project_v1.1



A new adventure single player for Return to Castle Wolfenstein by Loffy.



====Information and instructions for the single-player map "Elude" by Loffy====

*** General information:***

This is a single-player map for the PC game Return to Castle Wolfenstein, RtCW. RtCW is a classic game published by Activision in 2001. 
It is available via Steam.

*** How to play:***

Put the elude.pk3 file in your "Main" folder:
.../Return to Castle Wolfenstein/Main For example, I have RtCW via Steam. 
I put the elude.pk3 in this "Main" folder:
... Steam/steamapps/common/Return to Castle Wolfenstein/Main
Start the game, open the console (terminal) and write: /spdevmap elude Press Enter (the Return key) on your keyboard and the map will load.
Top open the console (terminal), press the so-called Tilde key on your keyboard (it is the button above the TAB button).

*** Story:*** 

You are Agent Blazkowics and your goal to kill Oberstgruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Strasse ("Deathshead"). It is the time of the WWII military conflict and you are fighting for the Allies as a ranger-trained agent for the United States Office of Secret Actions, OSA. Your mission is of outmost importance.

*** Name of this map (and filename):***

Elude (elude.pk3). It is one campaign with seven parts: elude, solve, spray, streetsmart, toasted, utomhus, and win. You can load and play anyone of them, for example, type /spdevmap spray in the console and press Enter and the section "Spray" will load. All .map files are included (more information about that below).

*** Mapper:***

Kent "Loffy" Lofgren, Sweden (http://www.loffysdomain.com). Editor used: GtkRadiant 1.6.6.

*** Thanks to:***

Gray Matter Interactive (the single-player part of RtCW), Nerve Software (multiplayer part) and id Software (executive producers), as well as fellow mappers and gamers aciz, acQu, antony, chinawolfplayer, devils right hand, deimosguard, dialog73, ensiform, hmmmmm, jonny, juho, kate, lightray, macchute, mateos, nerwitz, ray, reaply, skuzzy, thunder, vicente pasquino, william, wolf enstein, wolfplayer, wolfWatch, wutang, yoshik, and young fox (all are appearing in the maps somewhere).

*** No Copyright***

(everything is public domain, including the .map files) I make this available to all via under a Creative Common 0 (zero) License, i.e. I am putting it into the public domain. You can download and use everything, or parts of it, however you want, even commercially, without giving credit to me. For example, you can use the .map files in your modding project without giving any form of credit to me, or informing me about anything, or having to pay me anything. You can even create and publish "Elude 2.0", if you want, without having to ask me for permission or credit/attribute me or reimburse me in any way. In sum, I occasionally create and upload maps and I want to share them by putting them in the public domain. All the Very Best & Good Luck with your projects! 



Version 1.1


1 - Corrected some textures.
2 - Placed some missing models in first version.
3 - Fixed some issues shown on the console screen.
4 - Added rcd files on "elude.pk3" to quick loading of the levels.
5 - Fixed shader for liquid texture.

To play this version 1.1:

1 - Extract all files to C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfesntein folder (not Main folder).
2 - Run the addon with shortcut.

To uninstall:
Delete the Elude folder and shortcut.


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