The Escape



The Escape tournament Edition

An RtCW multiplayer map by Refuse [email protected]

Supports mp and sw game modes.

.-'´'-..-'´'-..-'´'-..-'´'-..-'´'-. Installation:

Place te_escape.pk3 in your /main directory.



In the deeps of Castle Wolfenstein, the Axis Paranormal group has uncovered the Unholy Grail, an ancient relic used by the dark druids in the time of Heinrich I. The germans believe they can harness the grail's malicious energies and use it as a weapon in the war. The allied commando soldiers' mission is to breach the axis defences of the castle, get the cursed relic and escape, bring the loot to Great Britain for examination and possible destruction.


Game : Return to Castle Wolfenstein Title : The Escape tournament ed. Filename : te_escape.pk3 Release date : 2004-12-17

Program : GTK Radiant 1.4.0

Build time : DUNNO! lots of hours! Compile time : 5 hours approx. Compile machine : P4 2.6 512 MB DDRAM

New: Textures : 1 new in the pk3. some others were included just in case. Sounds : Yes 3. Models:: No.

*Note* If you're missing textures it's because your sp_paks are missing or invalid.



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