The Tank

This is an extremely big map where the Axis and Allies are facing off in an abandoned Mountains. Each side has set up operations in the area...


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This is an extremely big map where the Axis and Allies are facing off in an abandoned Mountains. Each side has set up operations in the area.

Both sides need to archieve something so it will be intresting to see ppl have half of theyr ppl defending theyr objective and the other half trying to get the enemies objective, instead of the usual "Full rush" gameplay.

The Allies have to blow up Axis prototype tank(yeap I knew you all were waiting for something new, now you got it), while the Axis has to get theyr War Documents, both sides also have some extra objectives (blow up a wall, capture/hold flag)

Axis: -Defend the prototype Tank -Steal top secret war documents -Destroy the Bridge or defend the road post -Do not let Allies Breach the Main Garage Door

Allies: -Destroy german prototype Tank -Prevent Axis from stealing top secret war documents -Take control over road post flag pole -Destroy the main garage door

Id Reccomend playing the map through a few times on both sides before you actually try to play it in net, cos you'll get lost for sure, or atleast very confused, there are always more than 1 way to go, no matter where you are. The allies have tons of ways to get into the Facility, all of them are very intresting and have theyr pros and cons. This makes it quite hard for the axis to keep track of everything as the axis can pop out from everywhere, fortunatly they can seal off some routes and they also have some nice defence positions to use, so the main entry points can be protected nicely(hopefully for them) I started my first time trough as the allies player, I got lost when I got into the facility, took a while to actually find the objective, but while I was doing that I had the time to explore every single room that place has. And I must say this map might just as well be the most detailed one out there currently. It alrdy seemed as the architecture and detail was a bit of a overkill, as all the stuff in every room got a bit confusing when you'r used to seeing just the usual dull rooms, though this lets you have very long firefights in every room. And really the architecture and technical side of this map is superb, eyecandy i'd say. Though I found quite a few places where the textures should have been a bit darker as they sorta shined out from the rest of the enviroment. Even with its big size and tons of architecture it didnt hurt the r_speed, which was very nice. I'd reccomend atleast 20-30 players(the more players it has, the better it gets) for this map as its big and with 5 or so players on each side it can get a bit boring and hard, especially for the 5 axis players to try to cover all the possible entry points. Though only defencive tactics is used(which cant be done with and winning btw, since they still have theyr own objective) then the axis players can very nicely take some good positions in the big garage the tank is held in, some very good and defended positions, though the allies can snatch some nice positions themselves as well, like I said there's tons of cover to find in every place you go, quite hard to see your target constantly. Makes it harder for the snipers. Overall the map will deffinetly be tons of fun with the right amount of players, with its big size and detailed enviroment it wont be getting boring that fast.

1723-1.jpg A nice view to the facility 1723-2.jpg The tank garage

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