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This is only the alphaONE so dont expect perfection. I'm mainly dealing with player classes at this time, I will be focusing on maps...


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This is only the alphaONE so dont expect perfection. I'm mainly dealing with player classes at this time, I will be focusing on maps and models in later releases I just wanted to get the theThirdReich out so people new i wasn't joking about doing a mod.

Here's a brief description of this mod:

The game is divided into missions, which in turn form a campaign. Missions are essentially multiplayer levels into which the players are dropped. To "win" each missions, a team must accumulate as many points as possible. Points are gathered by accomplishing different objectives, as defined by the rules of engagements. Some objectives are pretty standard and remain the same throughout the game ( such as killing enemy players ). Other objectives are mission-specific. They are generally more difficult to accomplish and most of them require good teamplay. However, they are also worth more points. A mission ends when a team has reached all of its assigned mission objectives or once it has killed every member of the opposing team.

Players are divided into two teams at the beginning of a campaign. They are either part of the Allied or the German forces. The makeup of each team will remain the same throughout the campaign. This means that the Allied players will play as the Allies in every mission, until the end of the campaign, same thing for the German players. Once the campaign ends, the roles will be reversed, meaning that the players who played the Allies, will now play the Germans and vice versa.

The weapons to be used by the players will be taken directly from those present during W.W.II. When possible, we will try to keep their statistics as true to life as possible, but for the sake of gameplay, this might not always be a viable option. We won't hesitate to change a weapon's statistics in order to keep the game balanced and fun.

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Just unzip the contents of this zip folder into the root of your wolfenstein game directory.  The actual pk3 that comes for the mod is empty it seems that i have to keep the dll's in the root o the mod directory 
so be it.

Im not sure how to do fileplanet yet so im goin to just have downloaded off my site for now unless of course you could get it mirrored im not expecting alot of feedback yet so its not biggy as of yet I hope there isnt a whole lot of bugs i have to deal with im going to start a bugs forum at my site.  I do alot of talking in the pw forums as well so im sure to get the feedback.

I would like to find some mappers so i can start on the actual gameplay that goes with these new player classes Mappers are all i really need at the moment so that should make things easier.  This is my first mod that i have ever released i or should i say publicly announced so i hope im doing this writewell on with the show.

Im going to be running a dedicated server not sure if it will be working or not so if you could spread the word about it that weould be nice this is the ip cant seem to connect to it ive even done on a different port which is where it is staying at, at the moment.  Any help figuring this out would be nice.

If you have problems or have a server we can use then you can email me 
at [email protected] 

ok enough talk

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