The Waltz 1 & 2

Unusual demos of players dancing in-game. To play these, you will need


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Unusual demos of players dancing in-game. To play these, you will need Keep the Faith installed. This may only work with RTCW version 1.4/1.41.

To play: Extract the demo files to your RTCW->Main->demos folder. In the console, type "/demo waltz" or "/demo waltz2".

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                              The Watlz
                  By: Blade99 (Blade in the game)

Hey! This is the first thing I've ever sent into 
Well, to play this, place his file into you demo folder, which
is located in the Main folder. Then, start any WolfMP game, bring
down the console, and type in "/demo waltz" and it will play, but 
sometimes, it has to be on a shrubmod server.


Its pretty funny, it features me, Blade, listening to a Strauss 
Waltz, and when I see an inactivity kicker warning, i move around.
Then I start to waltz to the music, which luckily saves me from 
getting kill by an Ally, which thinks its funny, then starts to 
waltz too.

                             Not Featured:

After filming this, another Ally came into the room, and waltched,
(and laughed) so he tried to shoot the music box, so I had to kill
him. Then soon after, I had quit and began typing this readme.


If this demo does not work, go into a shrubmod server, 
presumably the Keep the Faith server which it was filmed on.
It should be the only server on that map, after filtering out
tourney and maxlives. If this does not work still, then go 
to any other shrubmod server and play it.


RTCWFiles guide to recording a demo:

RTCWFiles map: Keep the Faith:

And an unidentified Allied soldier who danced ith me.


                                The Waltz 2

                       By: Blade 99 (Blade in RTCW)


Place this into your rtcw/main/demos folder, or make a demos
folder if none exists. This is the same as the previous version,
only you have to type in "/demo waltz2" This is on the same map,
onlt one day later, December 11, 2002. And, Im on the Allied
side this time, and I've teached others how to dance, and ended
with quite a bang!

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