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NOTE: If you already have an older version of any of the maps included in this pack (tomb.pk3, tomb1.pk3, tomb2.pk3, tomb4.pk3, vil02.pk3...) you should remove them. Back in March 2002 Priv released the first sp adventure to the Wolf Community..simply known as Tomb..now here we are months later and we have a full blown adventure. Tomb expanded over the weeks with new segments added every few weeks.Finally after Tomb4 was out,the team took a break and we skipped to Time Gate 6..so what happened to part 5? After a bit of head scratching and trying guess how tomb4 went from underground zombie battles to part 6?.. and now I'm fighting the Germans in a close replay of the original sp game's village level. Oh well I thought,let's give this a try,so I played thru to a new area of icy cold terrain that lead to a cable car area.Right when things started to get good..BOOM..Game over. After a bit of frustration,and a few more weeks waiting..Time Gate has arrived. Now after bringing some pretty good sp play to the community,Priv has returned with help! pals BBald and Vondur The new Time Gate has reworked the 4 original segments into..now the missing part 5 that ties into the previously relesed demo part 6. Now are we confused? it's kind of like watching the Star Wars movies if you were around when the originals were released..now we go backwards years later and see how things got started. Ok back to TG {Time Gate} Priv has reworked those original levels..they were really dark,and hard to see,into a very welcomed more lighted Tomb. The game now has an opening cut movie sequence..that show's our character arrive in a dig site in Germany 1995,and then descend into the original Tomb1 level. Now we're off... Tombs 1-4 are dark spooky and have some really nice original maps and designs.The tight quarters in some areas are a nice change from time to time to backpedal away from the oncoming enemies. It's also now nice to see how Priv's mapping got better and better as each new level progresses in the Tomb series of the TG series. The supplies are a bit hard to run across in the beginning levels,and you really have to move about to avoid the oncoming flying skulls..the zombies toss at you. I was really impressed with the look and feel to being way underground and secluded thru out the whole 4 series map pack,the tall winding stairway that spirals up to the level above brings back memories of classic "Journey to the Center of the Earth" movies with the caves and crystals you'll see. There are some hard to find lever devices you need to find to advance thru barred doors,some are in the room you occupy,and some are hidden not on the walls but where you least likely will look. Once you finally make your way thru the 4 part Tomb series you come upon the game's title character,the Time Gate itself,a huge circle of metal with blue sparks..a bit of Stargate movie/tv series was here as inspiration I presume :) huh Priv. Once you step thru,you see another cutscene movie,that's actually now,the then missing part 5..our character is told that he's back in WW2 and the only way back home is to locate the Time Gate portal of this era..oh by the way,the Germans are in possesion of the WW2 era gate and a familiar character is running the project..but you'll have to play thru the missions to see who it is! Part 6 is now underway,you do replay the original release that was out before this new improved version was released,but after you get to the cable car area that ended..it continues on! To those that have played the mp_tram map,this will be a bit familiar and you just know that along the way,your going to run across an ill tempered German when you arrive on the other end. The 12 total segments that comprise the TG series are really well put together,I was really impressed with the detail of the upper cable car station,the areas that were above the station were a real treat to move about and take apart the enemy. Each new level you progressed thru looks really well planned not rushed and hurried to get you on to the next.Each new level smoothly blends into a new style of map.I was really impressed with map 9 the snowy cold atmosphere following the train tracks to it's new location. As to weapons and enemies YES they all do make appearances from the lowly mechanic firing his Luger to the Final version of the "Super Soldier".oh yea those black leathered "Elite Babes" are in for the kill too :) The balance is well done the game will give you an advantage from time to time,you face off against a lone patrolling guard and then later you may face overwhelming odds..but you do want a challenge right! First aid and ammo were set in all the much needed places after an intense firefight. If you love single player maps? then take the time to download this one. If your wanting to take a break from multi..then this is the answer. Hopefully this now 3 man team might seek out some added help and expand the team and bring us another fun sp adventure!! Det Pak



02.03 th 2002, 

"Time Gate" - RtCW addon 

========================== a Level for RtCW ===========================
Map Title		: 
Map Author		: 
                          Priv - tomb1, tomb2, tomb3, tomb4, vil01, vil02, berg, bergwerk, ber,
                                   labor1, labor1a, labor2, labor3, fin
                          BBald - berg, bergwerk, ber, labor1, labor2, labor3
                          Vondur - vil02

E-Mail	 :      [email protected]
                          [email protected]
                          [email protected]
HomePage:        http://fear.rtcwfiles.com/
It levels from a serial of maps connected by one plot under the name Time Gate
addon is devoted to adventures of the modern scientist, he has found a magic gate.
 Having used their scientist gets in Germany 1945. 

======================= Installation ====================================

If you already received earlier levels from a series Time Gate 
(tomb.pk3, tomb1.pk3, tomb2.pk3, tomb4.pk3, vil02.pk3...)
We recommend to eliminate them. 

Start game.
1. From icon "TimeGate" on the desktop.
2. In the main menu (RtCW Single player) activate the console (to press "~")
Write in the console spdevmap tomb1     

===================== Tech Info ========================================
Work Station		: Pentium III 700 mhz, 256RAM, GeFor.256 DDR ,Windows 98
Editor Used		: GTKRadiant 1.2.1

======================== The special gratitude ==============================
 To Igor "Murzik" Trunin for record of a soundtrack. 
 To BBald for record of a soundtrack 
 To Dims ([email protected]) for installer 
 And all other participants prog. .....

 Any commercial use without explicit permission of the author, is prohibited.
			Priv&BBald&Vondur © 2002 

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