You are a professor and you are sent to investigate a burial tomb that is full of zombies.

NOTE: This is the first Singleplayer map th...


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You are a professor and you are sent to investigate a burial tomb that is full of zombies.

NOTE: This is the first Singleplayer map that we are aware of and only has a few levels to it. To run it, you will have to enter into RTCW menu and then bring down the console (hit the tilde ~ key which is located below the Esc key) and type in /spdevmap tomb1.


This map is alrdy a must get just because it's the first ever RTCW custom made singleplayer map. And it's not a bad one that's for sure. It consists of a small 3 map sp "campaign" A modern look is given to the map, and it is actually done very well. I'd even say the atmosphere is better than RTCWs tomb maps. It's also very dark, and has less enemies than the official maps. Which adds to the effect, it's dark, foggy and rather scary. The architecture is very good, proffessional, arches, gothic architecture. Problem is it aint varied enough, you pass trough areas which look like the one you just passed trough before, I think there are 2 or 3 halls there with little difference. That being pretty much the only flaw I could think off. As everything else was a sweet trip. I cant talk much about all the small surprises you'll encounter as it would spoil it. The darkness gives the maps a really special, ancient feel. It looks like the axis once tried to invade that place, or perhaps there was a war once there between 2 sides ? Who knows, but you wont go there with weapons that's for sure, all weapons/items you get is what you find from skeletons, a submachine gun a knife, some grenades not much ammo either, though you tend to have a pile of ammo at the end of it, nevertheless the fact that any of the weapons you have aint very good against your only enemy makes even the few enemies you'll find a nice challenge. I know I promised not to spoil anything big but there's also a gun emplacement, and it was a blast. Jumping behind that machine gun and opening fire on the zombies. Though you had to stop from time to time to see if it's alrdy dead or not, but seeing it's still coming was just perfect. I wish the official sp maps would have had these cos you wouldnt have made a difference. Quite often you didnt even see the zombies coming, you heard it perhaps breaking out, you might even hear some noise, but all you really hear is the sound its limbs make dragging on the ground. And when you finally see it then it will be a surprise, lighting up the area and its face with your mp40 fire. Actually the only lights you'll see during these levels are the 2 lamps at the end, and they just aint there, there's even a story behind that, perfectly fitting into the area. It aint easy to describe the atmosphere you just have to play it and find it out for yourself. The ending actually seemed to hint that the campaign will continue, and if not then I certainly hope it does *hint*author*hint*

Basically only thing what keeps the map away from getting a perfect score is the fact that it could have been a bit more varied with the areas and that the readme could be better with its instructions. But that's only a small thing compared to all the pros it has.

Again, a must download!

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02.03 th 2002, 

This is a RTCW - Single Level 

======= a Level for RTCW ========
Map Title		: tomb1,tomb2,tomb3
Map Author		: Priv
E-Mail			: [email protected]
HomePage		:

===================== Tech Info ======================
Work Station		: Pentium III 700 mhz, 256RAM, GeFor.256 DDR ,Windows 98
Editor Used		: GTKRadiant 1.2.4

			Priv Ā© 2002 

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