Toxicity Trailer

Teaser for CptnTriscuit's upcoming map, Toxicity.


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Teaser for CptnTriscuit's upcoming map, Toxicity.

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Toxicity Trailer ReadMe!
By CptnTriscuit
([email protected])

So here is my little trailer. At 320x240 resolution it is decently viewable at full screen, but it will defiantly be a little ‘pixely’. So I hope that this will help make you want to download the Toxicity Final map when it’s released! Enjoy :)

 "Project Battlefield"

|**Video Compression**                      |
|Cinepak Codec by Radius - 29.97 frame rate |
|Data rate limit at 1000k/sec               |
|**Audio Compression**                      |
|GSM 6.10 8000hz                            |

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