Trench Toast



NOTE: For those who have problems adding this use the No-Install version of the file.

Here's the first official "add-on" map that was just as a christmas present from Gray Matter, Nerve Software and Activision! This map is not available in the current retail version, however this map is available in the RTCW Multiplayer Demo (no not the Tests) that was just released!

Here's the description:

Trench Toast is a terrain-based map that features lots of fortifications and sniper positions, as well as a number of canals and trenches for players to use as cover. The new map supports far more players--up to 32--than the original checkpoint map included in Wolfenstein, and it features lots of hidden areas and a wide-open style rather than the streets featured in the other checkpoint map.

Here's some extra screenshot (click on them for full size) for you to drool over :D

RTCW Map: Trench Toast Screenshot 1 RTCW Map: Trench Toast Screenshot 2 RTCW Map: Trench Toast Screenshot 3 RTCW Map: Trench Toast Screenshot 4 Now this is an official map so you know it'll be good! Post your comments below (registration is free or you can post as a guest!) on what you think about Trench Toast.


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