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.:UDS: The Movie:. .::. .: Written By: Kevin "Insanity@UDS" Strong:. .: Directed By: Kevin "Insanity@UDS" Strong:. .: Produced By: Goosh Design Services:. .: Date:14th March 2004:. .: Length:7 Minutes, 53 Seconds.:. .: Size:216mb:. .: Codec:Xvid MPEG 4:. .: Music:Barbossa Is Hungry - Pirates Of The Caribbean OST:. .:Re-Birth - Ill Nino:. .:Phenomenon - Limp Bizkit:. .:Rocking With The Best - Bonfunk MC's:. .: Resolution: 640x480:.

Ever since UDS started out as a fun clan in early 2001 we have played RTCW with a certain attitude - "It's only Fun!". Over the years UDS has become more competitive, and are now recognised as a Gaming Clan due to their achievements of becoming Clanbase UK #1 this year, entered into the RTCW.no leagues, the Clanbase Open Cup (Premiere Division) and also being invited into the Euro-Elite Insanity CUp (ran by rTG Clan). This has also been shown by the achievement of sponsorship by www.bmfsystems.com early this year.

I decided to make a small video to show some of UDS' more recent moments against some of the friendliest, and talented clans europe has to offer. It's not meant to be a trendsetter in video production or machinima, just a good ole lil video to watch to show some moments of ownage (and not so ownage).

I hope you guys enjoy it.

Peace & Out

Goosh aka =UDS=Insanity

PS - The console kills are slightley messed up since UDS adopted a OSP clan tag recently, and the console doesnt show OSP colours, so I couldnt rip them!

PPS - Enjoy the little bonus video.


Goosh Design Services http://www.goosh.co.uk #gooshdesign @ QuakeNet - speak to [UDS]Insanity enquiries@goosh.co.uk additional Questions, or anything

=UDS=Insanity http://www.udsclan.co.uk #=UDS= @ Quakenet insanity@udsclan.co.uk


- All the clans involved that made UDS a worthwhile experience.

- My long suffering girlfriend Jen, for putting up with my addiction to gaming!. Luv ya babes XxX!

- All members past and present that have played with UDS!

- The UDS Multigaming clanfor their support throughout all my production!

- BMF Systems for their kind sponsorship!

- And you guys for watching the movie - thanks!

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