--- Installation ---

Unzip the pk3 file to your "C:\Program Files\Re...


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--- Installation ---

Unzip the pk3 file to your "C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\Main\" folder. Do not extract the pk3 file or it will not work properly. Please remove any previous installation of mp_utopia_beta before loading, or things may not work.

--- General information ---

Title: Utopia - This map is playable in MP and SW mode . Version: 0.95 - Beta. Game: RTCW (Return to Castle Wolfenstein). Filename: mp_utopia_beta.pk3. Filesize: 16 Megabytes. Author: Dave - Aka Cyrex{UAT}. Email address: daveyeah@softhome.net - Send bugs or comments here (begin subject with utopia). Location: Gouda - The Netherlands. Clan url: http://www.uat.vze.com - Urban Assault Team . Recommended system: At least a AMD XP2000, 256MB RAM and ATI 8500 or higher. Maps: This is my 2nd RTCW map, the other was mp_faith (also did maps for: Max Payne, RA2 and Emperor). Finish date: 24 July 2003.

--- Story ---

The second world war is near the end. This once peacefull mountain site (nicknamed utopia by the germans) now is one of the last axis secret hideout places. Earlier attempts to conquer this territory were invain. After those attacks the germans pumped up the already fortress like defence even more. Altho it might seem a difficult task the allied forces have to conquer this area in order to steal the documents which hold vital information about a handfull high ranking german officiers.

--- Objectives ---

Allied Objectives:

Primary Objective: To take over this area steal the axis plans! Primary Objective: Transmit the plans by the radio! Secondary Objective: Destroy the axis bunker door in order to take the flag! Secondary Objective: Take the flag inside the axis bunker!

Axis Objectives:

Primary Objective: Prevent the allied forces from taking the plans! Primary Objective: In case the allies take the plans stop them from transmitting! Secondary Objective: Stop the allies from blowing the bunker door! Secondary Objective: Don't let the allied forces take the flag!

--- Map info ---

Game types: MP & SW. Player support: 32 players (64 players workz). Numbers of teams: 2. Global speed: 85fps (XP2200, 512DDR, Radeon 8500). Notes: Might run slow on some systems, as the complexity is double of that of developers maps. Music: Andre Rieu - The 2nd Waltz, Bach - Air, Beethoven - Fur Elise, Mozart - Fantasia, Tchaikovsky - Dance Of The Sugar Plume Fair.

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Download 'mp_utopia_beta.zip' (15.19MB)

--- Construction ---

Editors used: GTK Radiant 1.2.9, Easygen, Adobe Photoshop 6, Norton Commander.
Building machine: AMD XP2200, Ati Radeon 8500 64mb DDR, 512mb DDR.
Compile machine: AMD Duron 700 Mhz, GeForce 2 32mb, 768mb.
Compile time: 8 hours.

--- Known bugs ---

Drop of fps when allies come in and out of the mountain tunnel system.

--- Credits ---

ID and Nerve for this gr8 game!
Qeradiant for the awesome GTKRadiant editor!
Other mappers for giving me ideas through their maps!
The Urban Assault Team, and yes including that welsh git!
Nib & SCDS_reyalP for helping me and others out at Planet Wolfenstein Forums!

--- Legal stuff ---

This BSP may be distributed only over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are not authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in
any way without my explicit permission.

--- Brought to you by the one and only ---

--- Take care and keep fraggin ---

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