V2 Complex



From the author: "ok this is a dm style map no real objective just to fight fight fight... unforntionatitly the spawn are at the same place, well you guys will just have set the spawn times for each team differntly, now the map is called v2_complex don't think the map is small its realy pretty sizey, the hall way entrances some times are hard to see, since this is my first map bear with me on the scale, some things can be pretty bige, and i appologize, welli hope you like me map!"



map name: v2_complex

release: FINAL

date of release: march 17th 2003

leangth of work time put into map: 2 months

creater: {WFH}Sicko

created for: practice/ clan

my e-mail: [email protected]

ok there are some probs with this map but it 
is my first map so plz excuse them, i hope you
 like this map i made :D

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