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Vaultbust - notes

Inatallation - simply place the pk3 file into your RTCW/main folder, run the game and select vaultbust from the menu.

Multiplayer RTCW objective game map for up to 16 a side objective game.

Vaultbust was created by Neil a.k.a. major-crisis. April 2003. Contact:

Please feel free to distribute to wherever and to whoever but plz don't alter.

All textures and models used are from RTCW-

Big thanks to all the clever-talented people who have created  RCTW :  ID, Nerve, Grey Matter - superb, excellent!! - what more can I say.
Thanks also to all the clever people who have created the tools for  modeling and map making: Radiant, G-max, Q3 map + build by planet pointy  - again Top notch, outstanding!!
thanks also to the o knowledgable 1's at RTCW surface forums for their help and tutorials and for the tutorials from the RTCW Burrow site.


Peace to all - unless it's in a map   :)

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