Weapons Management with the Mouse

This weapons management script uses all the functions of a scroll wheel mouse to the maximum for weapons control. It is a short script and...


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File Description

This weapons management script uses all the functions of a scroll wheel mouse to the maximum for weapons control. It is a short script and it is easy to install.

LMB – Fire selected weapon

RMB – Pull out a grenade

Roll mouse wheel up – Pull out your submachine gun/primary weapon

Roll mouse wheel down – The first time you roll this down you get your “first special” weapon. Medics get a needle; Lieutenants get air strike smoke; Engineers get the dynamite. The second time you roll it you get the other special item: a medic/ammo pack or the engineer tool. The script works in this fashion because you may need the needle or airstrike instantly to deal with a situation, but the secondary functions are usually used when you have a split second of breathing space.

Click scroll wheel – Toggle crouching on/off. This button could easily be set to reload your current weapon, but I crouch often enough that I wanted that function readily accessible.

Ideas for Expansion:

If you wanted to get fancy, this could be combined with a class-selector script to further customize weapons commands based on class. For example, the scroll wheel down functionality could vary for soldiers (pull a pistol for panzerfaust users, adjust sniper zoom when equipped with a mauser, etc).

Additionally, you could configure the “pull grenade” command to chat a warning to your team, (Heads up! I’m priming a GRENADE!) but that could result in a lot of false warnings and end up being quite annoying.

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Download 'script.cfg' (981B)

Copy this script into your autoexec.cfg file.  If you are using a custom script file, add the code to there.

//Setup Mouse

bind MOUSE1 "+attack"

bind MOUSE2 "weaponbank 4;  echo Pulling GRENADE!; set nextw-bank65 "vstr w-bank5""  //pull a grenade

bind MOUSE3 "vstr nextcrouchtoggle"  //crouching script


bind MWHEELDOWN "vstr nextw-bank65"  //toggle between second and first special (6 & 5)

bind MWHEELUP "weaponbank 3; echo Pulling SMG!; set nextw-bank65 "vstr w-bank5""


//Crouching script, hit toggle first time to stay crouched, hit toggle second time to stand

set crouch "+movedown; set nextcrouchtoggle vstr stand"

set stand "-movedown; set nextcrouchtoggle vstr crouch"

set nextcrouchtoggle "vstr crouch"


Email for public posting:  [email protected]

//Special2-Special1 toggle

set w-bank6 "weaponbank 6; echo Pulling SPECIAL TWO, next pulls SPECIAL ONE!;  set nextw-bank65 vstr w-bank5"  //activates special 2

set w-bank5 "weaponbank 5; echo Pulling SPECIAL ONE, next pulls SPECIAL TWO!;  set nextw-bank65 vstr w-bank6"  //activates special 1

set nextw-bank65 "vstr w-bank5"

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