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Here is what we've all been waiting for...the public release of WildWest! Keep in mind that this is a beta release, and that there may be a...


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Here is what we've all been waiting for...the public release of WildWest! Keep in mind that this is a beta release, and that there may be a few bugs left to be cleaned up. It's also important to note, that you MUST have RTCW installed on your computer and a working CD key in order to play WildWest.

If you're tired of the fast paced spawn-run-die atmosphere of most FPS games, or if you're just looking for something different, then you're in the right place! The community is modest in size, and some of the most friendliest you'll ever come across! The maps are top-notch, and with the anti-lag code in this new version, it's a fairly level playing field for all! Although all players in the WildWest community will help you with objectives, locations, and directions...it's important to note that the official testers of the game will be displaying the =WW= tag; (not to be confused with a clan tag) What does this mean? It means that these people are obligated to answer your questions, and/or show you around the maps along with any secrets within the maps;

If you are having any issues, or require more information, you can either post it here, or check the Gaming Forums thread located here.

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Download 'thewildwest1_613.exe' (226.88MB)

Window's users are recommended to use this installer, if you are a linux/mac user, you should be looking at this file: http://returntocastlewolfenstein.filefront.com/file/;43626

[b]Install instructions[/b]
Install to your RTCW folder. (If your folder is not in the default location, you must point to it manually.)

This is a full install build, and is over 200MB, so please allow enough time for downloading. If you wish to be able to play both Version 1.5 and Version 1.6, then you will need to make a copy of your 1.5 Return to Castle Wolfenstein/WildWest and install the 1.6 version into the copy, leaving your existing 1.5 version intact.

Some new maps are included: Macho Grande, BoulderDash, and Mountain Assault. The Mine map has also returned to the rotation.

* You can now shove another player using the Use/Activate key (same key as used to open doors). 

* A volley gun head shot will gib the other player. 

* The /kill command has a 3-5 second delay on it, so don't wait till the last second for flag respawn purposes. 

Some players have reported experiencing problems joining the server due to PunkBuster issues. A zip file containing the latest and greatest PunkBuster files can be downloaded [url="http://www.the-wildwest.com/files/PunkBuster/pb.zip"]here[/url]:

Extract the files into your existing PB folder and you shoud be able to join the server.

The Public Beta servers can be found at:

                    European servers -


                      American server -

InSynerate (formally WildWest Dev team) Team is:

Capt. Queeg
El Dragon
English Rose

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