WildWest Patch 1.14a

This patch updates WildWest 1.12 or later to version 1.14a.

Note: Do not join 1.13 or 1.12 servers after installing this patch.



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This patch updates WildWest 1.12 or later to version 1.14a.

Note: Do not join 1.13 or 1.12 servers after installing this patch.

Changes in 1.41: Code is now based on the Wolf 1.41 source Single & Duel colt fire rate has been decreased, and quick tapping of fire button now has no increased effect on fire rate. Single colt is power is raised from 30 to 35. Duel colt power has been increased from 24 to 30. Single colt accuracy has been decreased. Duel colt accuracy has been increased. Henry power is increased from 42 to 45. Henry accuracy increased slightly. Musket reload is now always manual, so you can change weapon straight after you have fired, without waiting for the reload first. Focused Musket aim movement has been increased. Knife damage is now approx 50% less. Health re-charge is now 2 points per second up to 35, if stamina is over 75% full. Health re-charge is now 1 point per second over 35 up to 70, if stamina is 85% full. Players can always do a minimum jump height of around 35% of maximum, no matter how low their health or stamina is. Class starting & maximum ammo amounts has been adjusted. Overall these amounts are lower, in particular the amount of explosives all classes can carry. Both fused Bombs and TNT sticks now extinguish in water. Introduction of foreign language menu’s (although still not fully translated).

Bug fixes: Joining a WildWest game from 3rd party game browsers should now not cause any problems. There was a problem with the game loading some original wolf models & sounds. Joining a WildWest game from standard wolf game browser, after playing standard wolf, is now nearly perfect, some gun sounds still remain, but I can live with that. There are several other tweaks and adjustments.

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Download 'wildwest1.14a_patch.tar.gz' (24.88MB)

Linux installation:
This update includes...
2 new maps, namely wildwest_canyon & ww_hacienda
code source update to wolf version 1.41
see the change log for more details.
I've included the windows dll's, in-case anyone needs them.

I have done a lot of testing with the Linux client, since
installing my own Linux system :)
And can now safely say that WildWest Linux Client works
100%, on my Mandrake9 installation, with a Geforce2Ultra,
using the latest NVIDIA drivers (1.0-4191)

NOTE: the distribution of the original WildWest Linux files
were incorrectly archived with "wildwest" rather than "WildWest"
and some servers are running "wildwest" instead of "WildWest"
If you have any problems joining servers (invalid pk3's),
it may be because of this issue, the workaround is to copy
your WildWest folder, and name it wildwest, this seems to
fix the problems (note you only need to copy the pk3's.)

I have updated the map rotation and cfg files to incorporate
the new maps and options available with the 1.41 source,
admins please adjust to taste :)
as ever, any question should be made to me

New to running a Linux WildWest server ?
Well its all the same a running a normal Wolf server,
excpt you need to add "+set fs_game WildWest" without quotes
to your command line.

FYI, a couple of links to good web pages explaining various server
setups ect:

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