Communicate through mIRC while playing!


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Communicate through mIRC while playing!

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				WIRC for mIRC
			A mIRC plugin for RTCW
	WIRC DLL and Script were revised by Msn2Wolf for RTCW (2003)
	Email: msn2wolf@yahoo.com

	QIRC Script was written by sYx66 (Alex living in Ontario, Canada)
	Email :	syx66@home.com

	QIRC DLL was written by [UTG]LOKi (Martin living in Dortmund, Germany)
	Email :	loki@clan-utgard.de

	[UTG]Shaker (Jan Stuhler) for extreme beta-testing.
	RAL (Ralph Stoesser) for the initial idea and suggestions.


	Download latest mIRC version from www.mirc.com. Should be 5.7 or higher
	for proper DLL support. After mIRC installation ,just copy the two files
	wirc.mrc and wirc.dll into your mIRC dirctory, where mirc.exe is saved.
	Start mIRC and type into your status window:
		/load -rs wirc.mrc
	mIRC should answer something like *** Loaded script 'c:\mirc\wirc.mrc'.


	1) Simply right click on a channel and click Add, then click Start.
	Go in RTCW and type something like this: \irc #channel <message>
	After you type #channel once you don't have to type it again, only
	if you want to send <message> to another channel.

	2) You can send commands to irc using \irc /mIRC_Command
	Make sure to start your command with a / character.
	This works only in the Quake console, not with the \say or \say_team command.

	3) You can use these commands to quickly have control over WIRC:
	\irc /wirc_end                -stops WIRC all the way
	\irc /wirc_add #channel       -add #channel (might need to \irc /join #channel)
	\irc /wirc_rem #channel       -remove #channel (don't see it's text/actions)

	4) To see all added channels, use the Print command. To remove all channels
	from list, press Clear.

	5) On slower systems set the idle timer to higher values (5-10 Seconds). The default
	value is 1 second.


	Start mIRC, and type in your status window:
		/unload -rs wirc.mrc
	mIRC should answer something like *** Unloaded script 'wirc.mrc'
	After that you can delete the two qirc files in the mIRC directory.

	Download the DLL source code and look into the mIRC script wirc.mrc.

	For questions or suggestions email me to: msn2wolf@yahoo.com

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