WoD Basement



This is one of two maps posted today by Offica {WoD} & Stranger. Is a picture worth 1,000 words? Well, if so, then the images below are worth 4,000 words :P. This is a must-have for all you RTCW players!



Extract wodbasement.pk3 to your Return to castle Wolfenstein/main/ folder.

General Information:
Version: full
Title: WoD Basement
Filename: wodbasement.bsp
Author: Liam aka Offica {WoD}
Email address: [email protected]

Special thanks to:
Stranger aka Lithium: [email protected]
Pazur: ([email protected])
NiB: (http://www.nibsworld.com)
The Warriors of Destruction {WoD} http://www.wodrtcw.net

Play Information
Game Description: The Allies are desperate to consider becoming a clan, so they have gained entrance to a secret basement, in the hope of stealing the secret {WoD} training documents and transmiting them!
Game Type(s): MP/SW only
Recommended # of Players: 12-24

Map Information
New Textures: Yes
New Sounds: Yes

Base: Built from scratch
Editor(s) used: GTK Radiant, q3map2
Compile Machine: AMD 3000+, 1GB DDR400, WinXP Pro.
Compile time: (3-4 Hours)

Known Bugs
Dynamite near the documents objective will show lightning on ground texture, no playing bugs.

Additional Info
(Just a big thanks to all who helped me on this, my first ever map. Many more to come, hopefully, and a big shout out to my clan, {WoD} Warriors Of destruction, you all rock, and gave me insiration to do this, i love you all, and Synthox, you da man! get well soon brother.)

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. 

You may NOT distribute this level unless the zip file is in it's original form including this readme file in a 100% unaltered state.

You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in
any way (other than internet distribution) without my permission.

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