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Version 1.5 (22.9.2003) - PK3 - CFG "bug" fixed - Waypoint Menu Objective 6 bug fixed - added waypoints to axis spawn in mp_chateau - Bots no longer rely on sv_fps 20 - Player is no longer invulnerable if g_antilag is turned on - mp_village steal objective fixed - bots do no longer count as voting clients - panzerfaust laser bug fixed - Waypoint Editing : Waypoints can now be dragged - Waypoint Editing : mp_depot, anti aircraft gun can now be made an objective - Bots use radio commands more frequently - Bots now call for medic if they are on low health - Medic Bots now revive wounded teammates - BG_ModelInfoForClient Problem fixed (hopefully) - Bots no longer drop to limbo mode immediately - Camping Bots react to footstep sounds - Engineer Bots react to "Need Engineer" radio message - Engineer Bots react to "Disarm the Dynamite" - Bots now react to "dynamite has been planted" message - Bots now react to "documents have been taken" message - Bots now re-capture checkpoints - Bots now operate MG42s - One Way paths are now rendered as arrows now indicating their direction - Bots can now open func_doors without targetnames - Medics no longer try to attack with medkits - server commands bot_remove and bot_removeall do now work properly - Bots camp at enemy "deliver spots" if their document are being stolen - axis bots now stay in the bunkers on mp_beach rather then roaming on the beach - engineer bots disarm enemy dynamite more often - various small bugfixes



WolfBot 1.5, released 22.9.2003

1. Installation
If you have installed any previous version of WolfBot you should completely delete it first,
then continue with the instructions below.

Windows :

Extract the ZIP archive to your root RTCW folder, usually located at C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\. 
Be sure to have "keep directory structures" switched on when unzipping the file.

Linux :

Extract the ZIP archive to your root RTCW folder, usually located at /usr/local/games/wolfenstein.
Notice that you will need glibc version 2.3 in order to run WolfBot.

2. How to run WolfBot
You can run WolfBot by either selecting it from the mods list in the main menu or by creating a 
shortcut to the WolfMP executable : 

Wolfmp.exe +set fs_game wolfbot

3. Adding Bots
You can add bots using the ingame menu or the console command "bot_connect". 
Press 'b' or type "/bot_menu" in the console (without the quotes) to bring up the ingame menu.

  Bot Menu Options :

	1. Add Bot 
	Adds a bot to the game. You can specify the bots Team and Playerclass. 

	2. Remove Bot 
	Removes a random bot from the game. 

	3. Add Random Bot 
	A quick variant of Add Bot. This adds a bot with a random class to the game. 

	4. Remove all Bots 
	Removes all bots from the game. 

	5. Fill Server 
	This fills the server with Bots. 
  A few examples how to use the "bot_connect" console command :

	Syntax : bot_connect [team] [playerclass] [skill] [weapon]

	This would add a bot with a random class/weapon and skill 'normal' to the team with less players.

	/bot_connect red 
	This would add a bot with a random class/weapon and skill 'normal' to the red (axis) team.

	/bot_connect blue engineer 
	This would add an engineer bot with skill 'normal' to the blue team.

	/bot_connect red medic easy
	This would add a medic bot with skill 'easy' to the red team.

	/bot_connect blue soldier hard mauser 
	This would add a soldier bot to the blue team with skill 'hard' and the mauser rifle as primary weapon.

4. Other Console Commands
Removes a random bot from the game. 

Removes all bot clients from the game.

5. Console Variables
wb_autoEngineer (default 1)

Makes sure there is at least one engineer on each team if either team has a bomb objective.
Set to 0 to disable. 

wb_allowSuicide (default 0)

Allows a bot to commit suicide if being stuck in a position for longer then 10 seconds.
Set to 1 to enable. 

wb_allowRadio (default 1)

Allows bots to issue radio commands. Set to 0 to disable.
If you want to disable bots cheering at the end of round, set this to 2.

wb_allowMG42 (default 1)

Allows bots to operate MG42 machineguns. Set to 0 to disable.

6. Other Notes
Supported Maps :

mp_sub (Bots keep drowning quite often though)

You can find lots of waypoint files for custom maps at FlagMan's Website : http://members.shaw.ca/FlagMan/wps/

So far the only supported gametype is "Wolf MP".
This release is sort of an 'alpha version' so if you experience any problems please post it in the wolfbot

7. Version History
Version 1.0 (5.9.2003)
- Initial release
kaji, [email protected]

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