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Wolf chat speak converts all in game chat text into speech using the MS text to speech engine. The voice is fully customizable, you can alte...


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Wolf chat speak converts all in game chat text into speech using the MS text to speech engine. The voice is fully customizable, you can alter speed, and volume. You can choose which voice you use, if you have more than one speech engine installed. You can also use the custom dictionary to change pronunciations of words/ abbreviations.

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Download 'wolfcsfullxp_v100.zip' (5.26MB)

Wolf Chat Speak 

Version 1.00



Ok first the usual WARNING that I'm not responsible if this program eats all your data, or gets your dog pregnant.



How many times have you missed that all important chat message 'cos you were too busy killing or dying, well never again with this a new, super charged, state of the art, megatastic program. Sorry got carried away there.  Actually all it does is convert incoming chat text messages into speech, and plays them back for you.



This program obviously requires you to have Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and some form of Windows. You will also require the speech components: Microsoft SAPI 5.1 runtime files and at least one complient Text to Speech Engine. (All this is included in the full setup)



Stick it anywhere you like. :)



The first time you run the program, it will ask for your Wolfenstein folder, so simply browse to it and click ok.

It will also have to modify your autoexec.cfg file, creating a backup or if you don't have one it will create one for you.
Here you will have the option to have the console logged all the time or bound to a key. By binding it to a key you can turn the speech on and off.

Assuming you have all the right components installed the main window should open, and you should be greeted with a happy voice. Only 3 buttons to worry about here. 'Options' opens the options window, 'Start' hides the program in the system tray and makes it active and the 'About' button just gives the standard about window.  Once you have started it running, double clicking on the icon in the tray will open the main window and stop the speech. Note: if there is speech in the buffer it may continue speaking for a while.

Options window.

Use Custom Dictionary: Use custom dictionary to change the pronunciation of some words. (See the dictionary section later in this file for more info)

Welcome Message: This just turns off the opening welcome speech message, that you get when you start the program.

Start on load: This will simply start monitoring the log file for speech as soon as you run the program. (Instead of clicking the start button)

Run Wolf on start: This will launch Wolfenstein MP for you when you click start, or run the program if the above option is set.

Announce Text: This is what it says after the name, eg Pointy says Wolfy rocks! You can turn this of so it doesn't say the player names or the announce text.

Location Text: This is inserted in between the name and location for team_say messages, eg pointy at Sea Wall says Incoming! Again you can turn locations off.

Voice Options: This allows you to select a voice from the available installed engines. You can test it by typing some text in the text box and hitting the 'Say it' button. You can also adjust the volume and speed of the voice if the engine supports this feature. You can also select the output device if you have more than one, and the Sample rate of the speech.

Exclude Characters: This will be ignored, and not spoken. I use something like "!"Ā£$%^&*()_+-={}[]#/\@"

Dictionary window.

This allows you to change the pronunciation of some words, or replace them all together.  E.g. Source = "lol", Replacement ="Hee hee hee" will say 'hee hee hee' every time it sees 'lol' in any chat messages.

Source Text: Is the word that will be replaced.
Replacement text: Is the word that will replace it. ;)
Wordcount: Is the number of words in the dictionary file.
Test: Clicking this will speak the replacement text.
Add: Clicking this will add the word to the dictionary.(Will not be saved unless you click "Save", when you are done)

You can right click in the list to edit, or delete words. Double clicking a word is the same as edit, and will also speak it.

Once you are done click 'Save" to store these settings or 'Cancel' to keep the original values. All settings are saved when you quit the program.

Ok that's it for now.



Email:	Les@downlands.freeserve.co.uk
Web:	http://www.planetpointy.com

Version History

1.00	First public release.

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