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The WDP archive includes a RTCW multiplayer demo for benchmarking issues.

We have found that this timedemo is good mix between cpu and v...


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The WDP archive includes a RTCW multiplayer demo for benchmarking issues.

We have found that this timedemo is good mix between cpu and video limitation.

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Download 'wdp103.exe' (818KB)

Wolf Demo Player 1.03   12/19/2001  (c) Ralph Stoesser ([email protected])

Files within the archive wdp103.exe
WDP.exe               (WDP program file)
read1st.txt           (The file you are reading)
RTCW-checkpoint.zip   (this archive includes a demo for benchmarking issues)

Operating System
Tested with 
-Windows 2000 Professional SP2
-Windows XP Professional
Should work with Win98/Me too.

-Start wdp103.exe and install it.
-Set your RTCW directory and press the OK button.
-Now WDP is configured to play RTCW multiplayer demos. Look at the context menu of dm_57 files.^

Set the option "Demoplay Disabled" from the WDP main window
and press the Cancel button. Now delete the WDP files.

What's it
Double click a RTCW multiplayer demo to play it. 
Play multiple selected demos, play demo loops, do timedemos.

What's new in version 1.03
added: The "Checkpoint" timedemo for benchmarking issues from [email protected] You may use the "Timedemo" entry 
from the context menu of demo files to benchmark or stress your system.
added: Mouse hints on the main window of WDP.

Demo play control keys in RTCW
fast forward: keypad enter
slow motion: keypad delete
increase speed: keypad plus
decrease speed: keypad minus
pause demo: pause key
next demo from playlist: keypad right arrow
previous demo from playlist: keypad left arrow
quit WolfMP.exe: keypad end

Note: To change the above mentioned demo playback keys, edit the file wdp.cfg. Only use
F-keys or keys from the numeric keypad, otherwise the demo play will be interrupted by pressing those keys.

How it works
When you double click a demo the following happens

-wdp.exe saves the wolfconfig_mp.cfg in memory
-wdp.exe executes the program WolfMP.exe with the necessary command line paramters to execute demos and stays
 in memory consuming absolutely no cpu time.
-after WolfMP.exe has finished to play demos it will be terminated automatically.
 (you may terminate it yourself every time you wish to by pressing the "keypad end" key).
-wdp.exe restores the original wolfconfig_mp.cfg and terminates itself.

How to configure RTCW to play demos
The "Additional command line parameters" edit field gives you the total control over RTCW's behaviour while playing demos.
You may create and execute a script file or you may write console commands directly into there.
A simple example would be

+set r_fullscreen 0

to play demos in windowed mode.

Remember that your original wolfconfig_mp.cfg will not be touched by these extra settings, since after
the demoplaying WolfMP session has terminated, WDP will restore your wolfconfig_mp.cfg to the state before 
playing the demo(s).

NOTE: Do not play online with the same WolfMP.exe session which has played demos. Rather restart WolfMP.exe
to do so.

How to record demos
create a file RTCW_DIR\Main\record.cfg with the following lines

bind "F8" vstr demo_button
set demo_button_1 "set demo_button vstr demo_button_0;set g_syncronousclients 1; wait ; record ;wait ;set g_syncronousclients 0 ;echo recording"
set demo_button_0 "set demo_button vstr demo_button_1;set g_syncronousclients 0; wait ; stoprecord ; echo stoprecording"
vstr demo_button_0

Append to RTCW_DIR\Main\autoexec.cfg the following line

exec record.cfg

Now use the F8 key in RTCW to toggle demo recording.

thanks to
Ronald Gasch ([email protected]) for doing the Checkpoint timedemo. 
Kai Moosmann ([email protected]) for the design of the splashscreen.

[email protected]
[email protected]


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