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Wolfbot Waypoint Pack 1 These are waypoints for the RtCW mod Wolfbot, these waypoints were made by sever...


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Wolfbot Waypoint Pack 1 These are waypoints for the RtCW mod Wolfbot, these waypoints were made by several different people in the wolf community. If you don't see you're favorite map on the list, it probably hasn't been waypointed yet. But this a continuing effort so it will probably be done sooner or later.

Installation Instructions: Just add the wppak1.pk3 to your wolfbot folder.

How to use: Start Wolfbot, Load map, Add bots & Enjoy

Supported maps: Map Name Author 1v1 FlagMan aiming The Ghost axis_complex The Ghost back_to_carnage Denny badplace2 Fish bases Kyle Albert bk_forestb1 The Ghost border The Ghost bp_valhalla SysRq btoys_deathmatch Kyle Albert bunker The Ghost ctf_demo The Ghost ctm_defense (EC)Bystander dm_cold_mealDenny dm_prisonyardDenny DamtheMan_FinalThe Ghost denoflions_dual The Ghost dm_bismarck Denny Final_Deathwish The Ghost Fuel_depotDenny fun_beach dr.metzger gsduelDenny hydro_dam_v2Denny infamy The Ghost LetGo_01 The Ghost LetGo_02 The Ghost mk_airport Masteries mk_d_day2 Denny mk_flooded_town2Denny mk_temple2 Denny mml_church_v1 Kyle Albert mml_footy_v1 The Ghost MONTEZUMAS The Ghost mp_basement The Ghost mp_beachiiv2 The Ghost mp_bob1 The Ghost mp_bridge dr.metzger mp_bunkerhill Fish mp_castle Denny mp_castle_siege The Ghost mp_crossing Denny mp_cryptarena The Ghost mp_ctfmultidemo dr.metzger mp_darkThe Ghost mp_dayafter Tobi mp_depot SysRq mp_destruction The Ghost mp_drak_duel The Ghost Mp_fatality Denny mp_fibua Denny mp_frostbite The Ghost mp_generator SysRq mp_guns Denny mp_ice dr.metzger mp_interception The Ghost mp_islandThe Ghost mp_keep dr.metzger mp_Lumber-Factory The Ghost mp_marketgarden The Ghost mp_murderhill The Ghost mp_norwayThe Ghost mp_odfts Denny mp_omaha_2 {[M]} mp_pacific FlagMan mp_pburg Tobi mp_q3dm17 The Ghost mp_radarlove Tobi mp_rennes The Ghost Mp_resurrection The Ghost MP_RocketawayDenny mp_science The Ghost mp_tank CrapShooT mp_techarena The Ghost mp_TigerMold Denny mp_toxicity The Ghost mp_tram Sniper mp_trenchtoast The Ghost mp_tundra Sniper mp_twilight The Ghost Mp_ufo The Ghost mp_vista Tobi mp_wizernes Sniper mp_wroclaw_beta Denny mp_zionThe Ghost oGg_tourney1The Ghost RAMMSTEIN Fan se_airstrip The Ghost se_bunker_v2 The Ghost se_mitchelldown CrapShooT se_mitchelldown_v2 The Ghost se_mtn_assault_v2 The Ghost seeds_iceworldDenny sf_cobraThe Ghost snipersDenny te_frostbiteThe Ghost Te_tundrab2The Ghost te_ufoThe Ghost Toxic_speedball The Ghost valor Kyle Albert Wolf_2FortDenny ypg_kings The Ghost

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Download 'wppak1.zip' (703KB)

Site Links:
Wolfbot - http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/wolfbot/ 
(you'll need this mod is you want to use these waypoints)

Flagman's Waypoint Repository - http://members.shaw.ca/FlagMan/wps/
(waypoint site)

Ghost House - http://dwright71.tripod.com/
(waypoint site)

Denny's Wolfbot Waypoints - http://denny8303.tripod.com/
(waypoint site)
If you have any question or input please visit the wolfbot forums.

-The Ghost-

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