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Converts a rtcwconsole.log file to .html format.


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Converts a rtcwconsole.log file to .html format.

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Download 'wolf_statisztika_1.13.zip' (646KB)

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Important config settings:
Set these values in your "wolfconfig_mp.cfg" file:

seta g_log "1"
seta g_logSync "0"
seta logfile "1"

So the "rtcwconsole.log" file will be create in your RTCW\Main dir.

Using the software:
 -Unzip the file.
 -Run the wolf_stat.exe and use the "Open log file" button to open your "rtcwconsole.log" file.
 -You can save the logs (Save button) and Export stats to *.Html file (Export Html button).
 -You can open the following extensions: *.log, *.evo. These file types are attachable to wolf_stat.exe!!!
  After attach you can open log file with only duble click. 
 -When the program started the last opened file will automaticaly open.
 -You can change the program languages with the "Language/Nyelv" button.
 -The soft save automaticaly the opened log files to "temp" dir. Somtimes erase this files (recommended).
 -It's easy!

OSP tables:

	Kll: Total number of killed enemies
	Dth: Total number of deaths caused by enemies
	Sui: Total number of suicides
	 TK: Total number of Team Kills
	Eff: Overall Kill/Death efficiency: Kll/(Kll + Dth)
	 GP: Game Points (bonuses scored): Score - Kll
	 DG: Total damage given
	 DR: Total damage received
	 TD: Total damage inflicted on teammates

Evolution Wolfeinstein Clan
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//Sorry about my english  :)))

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