"I made WolfLive after getting our Wolfenstein server going and not having a way to check into it like I could our Counter-Strike server. Its a great way to just see who's on and check the status of it. I have made everything customizable to you as far as colors and pictures go so its easy to match your own layout. You can specify certain colored names for Laggers, Teamkillers, Server Joiners, and Admins. I hope you enjoy it!"


''WolfLive code by Lt.Christy @ http://www.force137.com/wolflive.asp''
''Dll compliments of GameQuery''

Very easy install

First thing is to run the bat file to copy and register the Gamequery.dll over to your system files. The bat only works for 2000/NT/XP, for other OS's you need to manually install it by placing the GameQuery.dll in your windows\system folder and then opening the start menu and type the following in the run box 

regsvr32.exe GameQuery.dll

Second thing is to edit the variables in the top of wolflive.asp. You can do this by right clicking the file and and choose "open with" and choose notepad. All Items as far as pictures and colors go are customizable in the variables. After that just upload or place in your webservers directory and run that page. Also just place the maps folder in the same directory as your wolflive.asp

''Pics for new maps''

If you run any custom maps or if new maps come out, just take a screen or anypic ya want and make it a jpg file 240 x 180 and name it the same as the map name. Then just put in the folder with the rest of your maps.

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