Author "flipmode" has gone more in the direction of the original episode of BJ battling the Axis to stop the resurrection of a powerful god....


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Author "flipmode" has gone more in the direction of the original episode of BJ battling the Axis to stop the resurrection of a powerful god. Known as "Wotan" the Axis are hoping his return to life will enable them to defeat the Allies. This adventure takes place at night,the lighting is perfect on a full moon,and the AI enemies are nicely placed for a fair fight,the standard mp-40,thompson and fg-42 make appearances as well as replacement ammo and health kits. This is a short adventure taking under an hour to complete. Bill Brown's music accompanies the game, the leather clad nazi babes make their appearance mid-game so be careful with their black outfits in the night! The game's main battleground is a custom castle,containing the resting place of Wotan. Overall a good single player map,and worth the download! "flipmode" is cranking out some nice work..so give this a try!

Reviewed by Det Pak

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Download 'wotan.zip' (9.25MB)

### WOTAN BETA 1.0 ###

RtcW singleplayer map >Wotan< by flipmode, jan.2003

installation: extract the Wotan.zip file straight into your Return to castle Wolfenstein directory.
              do NOT extract it to Rtcw's "main" folder, like u might be used to from multiplayer
              maps. after extracting u should have a >wotan<-folder in your Return to castle Wolfenstein
              in example: C:/Return to castle Wolfenstein/Wotan

to PLAY you have to go to the Wotan folder and start it from the Wotan.bat icon.
this should work for most players. for the case u get stuck on startup please bring
down the console (the big window you also use for chat) and type: /spmap wotan

description: Wotan is a pretty big outdoor map with several buildings. You have to fight your way
             to castle Wotan, get some dynamite, stop a ceremony, and at last explode the altar
             (detailed briefing ingame).
             wise use of weapons will ease your mission. you can save your game anytime just like
             on the RtcW retailversion (and i recommend to do so:)
             The story is inspired by Professor Carl Gustav Jung's theory about "Wotanism".

used editors: GtkRadiant, compiled with q3map2, terrain with easygen.

known bugs: some shaderprobs on the terrain.
            a door at the castle sometimes opens the wrong direction.
            lights in the 1rst house miss a texture; i didnt find this too disturbing 
            and the models look fine so i kept em.

if you meet any other bugs please report them by mail.

thanks to Kos, Wils, Dolo for the tips and help with probs i ve met.
thanks to mampf for betatesting and for the dreamweaverwork on my website.
thanks to nightwulf (whom i ve never met) for writting a great scripting tutorial
i used a lot.

contact:email: flipmode@planetquake.com
website: http://www.planetquake.com/dteam/flipmode

Return to castle Wolfenstein is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.

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