WR Duel



This map has its own rules and way to play with switches to start the fight within a pit of obstacles. Players are thrown behind a starting area via their color coated teleport pods, only opened after both duelers are ready and the moderator at switch 1 hits the switch.

The only way out is to loose and die or win and be teleported back up top by the moderator at switch 2. Health packs are availiable to the winner up top and regenerate after a little time.

This is a very interesting map. I spawned on this high level with switches, teleport pads, and a clear floor. The switches would open up doors, that are only accessable if you use the right teleport pad.

It’s a fun map, great for a large amount of people for death match. There are some dead ends so make sure you got people on your team willing to help you out.

Paul AKA Madmanfrommars


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