Yellow Terrain

yellow_terrain_beta.zip —


NOTE: This map should be played in MP mode, despite the fact that it has CP-style objectives.

Wow, this map looks really good. The textures and the background look very nice. The map design is original and has a cool desert look to it. It looks like an abandon coloseum. It has some nice terrian, that is yellow, but still nice :lol:. The map has one of the coolest courtyard areas of most new maps I have seen. It has a two level courtyard with a pretty big catwalk around it, on the bottom ground level there is rocks and the entrance to some sort of coloseum, and the catwalk has some really cool rooms that have slits to fire out of them. This map is great and i think it will be a very cool map when its finished.

Reviewed by KoRn-Warrior-



Title: Yellow_Terrain
Filename: Yellow_Terrain
Author: Lance
Homepage: http://www58.tok2.com/home/Lance/

* Play Information *

mp: yes

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