X-ray Gaming Anti-Cheat

X-ray anti-cheat has announced its support for Enemy Territory to its list of supported games. The software which is used in many other game...

0 16 years ago
True Combat : Elite An Enemy Territory Modification

There has been an big update regarding the True Combat : Elite mod on [url="http://www.truecombat.com/intro.php"]the offical website[/url] ...

0 19 years ago
ET Map: Venice

The Allies have gained intelligence that an important transaction will be occuring between the Germans and Italians in Venice this morning. ...

0 20 years ago
ET Class Selection Script

HiLL3 has worked hard on his latest script for Enemy Territory. We all know how confusing it may be and how long it may take while u click o...

0 21 years ago
mp_Resurrection coming to ET

Veteran RtCW mapper "RivrStyx" (Callfire,Den of Lions) is currently doing a makeover of his classic map mp_Resurrection,The classic haunted ...

0 21 years ago
Enemy Territory Available on PC Gamer Magazine Disk

If the large size of Enemy Territory has been discouraging you from downloading it, you can now pick up a copy in the September 2003 issue o...

0 21 years ago
SW Mode ET Cup

Details Description:simple sw-mode (1 Round),one map,6v6 gl&hf Tourney Start: 2003-07-20 18:00:00 Prize: honour Host: planetwolfenste...

0 21 years ago
RtCW mapper "Hummer" annouces his new ET project

Veteran RtCW mapper "Hummer" {Assassanation,Kung Fu Grip,Train Seige} has posted some pretty awesome pics of his upcoming project,an Indiana...

0 21 years ago
Proving Grounds Introduces ET Ladders

Proving Grounds is pleased to announce the arrival of Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory ladders to thier competitive gaming site. Wolfenstein - ...

0 21 years ago