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Browse the biggest collection mods, maps, skins, tools and utilities for the original entry in the infamous Return to Castle Wolfenstein series.

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Return to Castle Wolfenstein Pubbers Free Teamspeak2 Server!

Have you ever wanted to chat with our players while your playing rtcw but haven't been able to find a teamspeak server. Well now is your chance Pubbers wants to hook you up with access to a free teamspeak2 server when you create a account with them. Here's the details from their FAQ... Q: What is Pubbers? A: Pubbers is a public service, offered by Comp...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein Win a RTCW Game Server!

-xXx-MoFo has sent in word that will be giving away a 16 player slot server for October to the person with the highest stats on their server. Technically the games begin September 1 & last until the end of the month, but hit up some practice on their server RTCWfiles wishing everyone competeing the best of...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein COMPETITION: Forum Rank Sets! Design your Own!!!!!

Design your own rank set... Over at our FileFreak Forums, you might have noticed the new rank sets appearing under your name when you post. Well we are working on a system where by in the user control pannel you can select your own rank sets from a list. The current default and what every one is using atm is the Star Trek: Dress Uniform. :D So we want...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein NEW Hot Topics

From the forums. TKing Idiot List Hot Topic Baned Players Hot Topic Node with unbounded volume?!!? Hot Topic Making A Multiplayer That Works. Hot Topic plz help my computer is crashing Hot Topic How do they do it? Hot Topic


Return to Castle Wolfenstein New forum up and running

New forum RTCWFORUMS is up and running. Stlgamer would like to welcome all to come on over check out the new site. The site is nicely laid out and easy to navigate you can even scroll through all the members that have registered. So head on over and check it out.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein Hilarious RTCW Flash Movies

Not sure how old this site is but it can't be too old. Thanks to SuperTed for posting it in our forum (above link). Some of you may have seen these already. Tylak did a great job putting together these RTCW "Training Videos". If your in the mood for a laugh and have a few moments to spare, click here to see the movies.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein RTCW Tutorials and other help

Black Seer over at Seer Studios has added an RTCW section with lots of link for tutorials , mapping, skinning etc. There's even a new forum going over there. Give it a look at the above link.