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Return to Castle Wolfenstein HLSW 1.3.1 is available for download now (Half Life Server Watch)

A new year brings a new version: HLSW 1.3.1 is available for download now. With Crysis: Wars, Call of Duty: World at War and Left 4 Dead there are three new games now officially supported. The new UPnP-Support makes receiving logs a lot easier for admins.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein New 64 Player Server - Another Happy Penguin?

I have been informed of a new 64 player RTCW server. WalkingStick has said that, if all goes well, he will be making it into a Happy Penguin server! The new server runs on Market Garden, Chateau, Den of Lions, and Tank Final. So, being three of the most popular maps on RTCW Files, I would imagine yo...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein InfoApp - now available for RTCW and ET!

Hi, If you own a website and want a FREE and EASY way to display your game server information? InfoApp is the easiest and most customizable server status tool you will find - and is now available for RTCW and ET. It displays and interprets server configurations and shows them in an easy to r...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein "Happy Penguin Classic" Bringing the Depot back to Life !!

The "Happy Penguin Classic" is a new RTCW server to replace the Happy Penguin that Shitkicker has converted to Enemy Territory after nearly 2 years of exceptional gaming experiences. We understand Shitkicker's desire to move forward, and applaud his generosity yet again as he brings us anothe...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein BoB Mod Game Server Up and Running!

To all those interested, give Johnny Rotten a round of applause for agreeing to set up a Band of Brothers Mod server! The server supports 32 players, so get in there and fight! BoB Mod Server:


Return to Castle Wolfenstein BoB Mod needs a server!

The BoB mod has reached 1000 downloads in under a week, but due to a lack of servers, it cannot be enjoyed. If you or your clan are interested in hosting the mod, please let the team know here, or in our forum:


Return to Castle Wolfenstein One4Games: Servers sold by Gamers for Gamers

Have you ever had trouble with server companies that have an admin with no knowladge of the game you want a server for?, or have you ever been conned into paying more then you really should by a server company. Worry no more, One4Games is run by dedicated, mature, and smart gamers that sell servers...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory and VSK Gaming Servers proudly present the - Enemy Territory. It went up yesterday and it was all full last night (16 players max), good times. We're still tweaking the server here and there but I'm a total n00b with adminning servers so :) Anyway, the IP is: 66.1...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein Online Game Server Config Maker

Thanks to HighBoy for making an online game server config creator. Just about everything you will need to make a basic config is covered. Go check it out now at Note that it is beta, but he plans on adding more features as time goes by.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein Info for 1.4 Server Admins

Return To Castle Wolfenstein -- version 1.4 NOTE to server administrators and mod developers =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= There is a number of changes in version 1.4 of Return To Castle Wolfenstein which are particularly relevant to server administrators and mod developers....


Return to Castle Wolfenstein Player of the Week: Wakka of the 101st

Congratulations go out to Wakka from the 101st clan. He not only consistently preformed well, but worked with his team to complete the objective time and again.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein Be the Player of the Week Right Here! (Sat. night)

Join the Game Server this Saturday from 7 p.m. Pacific onward, do well, and the RTCWFiles staff may announce you as the Player of the Week right here! The server will be playing Breakout all night. IP:


Return to Castle Wolfenstein RTCWFiles Game Server Updated: shrub mod

The RTCWFiles Custom Maps server is now running shrub mod. Only the features of the mod intended to increase realism are enabled (drag corpses, Lts. give pistol ammo, give other players your ammo, etc.) See the specifics about the server here. IP:


Return to Castle Wolfenstein RTCWFiles Custom Maps Server Updated With Unique Features

Announcing the grand re-opening of the RTCWFiles Custom Maps Game Server... now with features not available on any other server! Custom Maps and Skins (PB, LL, FF, voting) IP: Tired of the same old, boring maps? Want a quality server where the best-of-the-bes...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein 2 new Xian servers

Xian has set up two new servers for you to join - MP_Ice Server - MP_Rocket Server


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