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Return to Castle Wolfenstein Get Your RTCW / ET Site Hosted Here!!!

Get Your Site Hosted Here!!! Are you creating a mod? Are you a hardcore mapper, modeler or skinner? Do you need a place to call home? Well would love to be your home!!! INTRODUCING our Hosting Service, where you can host your own website dedicated to your mod or impressive collection of maps, models or skins, for FREE!!!...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein Gerbil Updates Logfile Analyzer!

Gerbil over @ The Burrow has updated his very popular logfile analyzer for rtcw / et. First off he wanted to say that he might have missed some forms of dieing in et for example so if you find anything let him know! Here is the changelog for direct download link just click source above or check his site out @ Changes from...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein Wolfy v0.2 has a nice new look!

Wolfy v0.2, the RTCWFiles hosted mapping site, has new pics and updates on all their cool maps and a nice new look to their site. Good job Codey. Check it out here.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein Marko and HotShot get their own game server!

It appears that someone has kindly donated a game server to Marko and HotShot, so they can run their own maps on it 24/7. This is great news for everyone who is a big fan of their maps (Flooded Town 2, DDay 2, Airport, etc..) Server address is: Server Name: AZ_LINUX.Funf Markos Maps Und Beach USA2 Go check it out, and tell them...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein Updates, Updates from Wolfy v0.2!!!

Wolfy v0.2 has updated their site to let us know that Codey is hard at work on his map entitled "Escape from POW camp" and to prove it, he has released 2 new screenshots for our viewing pleasure, that you can find by going RIGHT HERE! Be sure to stop by and check out their news section as well, it's still fairly new, but they are improving it every day.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein New tutorial updates and other news from THEBURROW

Our friends over at THEBURROW have updated their site to let us know that demo maps (compiled and source) are available for scripting tutorials 2 to 5. They have also made some changes to tutorial 5 including putting in a missing paragraph that was accidently left out, and adding some important information about collectible objectives supplied by SCDS_R...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein New Tutes on scripting

The Burrow, one of our hosted sites, has put up 4 new tutorials on scripting and creating objects and another on multiple primary objectives. These guys really know how to contribute!!! THX!!


Return to Castle Wolfenstein New staff member and new screenshots

the lurking fear have updated their site today, and let us know that they have hired a mapper named bbald to help them out. They have also posted some screenshots, which I have posted here for your convienience: http://www.gamingfil...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein A few updates today for the Evil Skins site.

Dr. Evil has updated his site and lets us know that he has added a FAQ section to his site, as well as adding his "head skins" section back as well. He has also updated his "unpure" server page, so if your looking for an unpure server to try out some of his FANTASTIC skins!