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Return to Castle Wolfenstein Toxicity: Facility31 almost ready for release!

Cptn Triscuit is back to mapping and he has a new map about ready for release! Toxicity: Facility31 is the name!


Return to Castle Wolfenstein Baserace Final & Baserace Bastogne Updates

CptnTriscuit has been working hard over at working not only on the new Baserace: Bastogne map but coming up with a Final version for Baserace Beta 3. Whats Changed from Baserace Beta3? - Additional Synergy Bonus: Mortar Team! - Additional Synergy Bonus: Auto-Repair! - Additional Synergy Bonus: Landmine...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein V2 Base for Enemy Territory has been released!

I have released V2 Base for Enemy Territory today, this is a total remake of the map that I originally released for RtCW. The general layout of the map is the same as the first version so if you ever played V2 Base for RtCW you will know your way around. The map has been improved for better gameplay and team balance among many other things. A deta...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein Project Chaos Single Player Mod for RTCW in the Works...

Project Chaos.... a Singleplayer-Mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein by Xentor Games Entertainment Company (XGEC) Story: Angela Chaos, the owner of ChaosTechnologies ( ) and one of the most substantial people on earth, is driven by her vision to ease the woes of humanity by pushing the evolution of mankind ahead by a...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein "Fayum Oasis" New Beta Screenshots

clavish has released new screen shots to his beta map "Fayum Oasis." There is no word of what the objectives are ... yet & when the beta will be made public so check back. Also I'm going to post the first eight screenshots to view the rest just click source above.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein Beach, Kung-Fu-Grip, and More Coming to Wild West V1.5!

A new beach screenshot was released yesterday by Gringo Starr. See it below... Coming soon in a few days to Wild West Mod Version 1.5 will be a converted Beach map, Kung-Fu-Grip Wild West Style, and Battle Creek. Also with version 1.5 will be some new animations & weapons see below. Look for version 1.5 to be released around Christmas...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein A First Look @ Rought's Upcoming Map!

Although not much has been released Rought wants to share the following screen shots of his upcoming map for RTCW with you. He says... It's a little bit of castle style mixed with a small base of the Americans. The are no subjects yet, but I'm working on it and now I just want to know, how you like the pics! Here they are


Return to Castle Wolfenstein MagesSkulls SP RtCW Adventure Released

"Kat" has released at long last a great new Single Player Adventure entitled "MagesSkulls" A really sweet adventure taking place in some really impressive mapped chasms. A big Thanks goes to KOS forums for hosting the zip file. follow the link below to Kat's site for more info. RtCW files will be posting the file here as well.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein HS Base Wars Test is Out!

HotShot has released a test of his upcoming map HS Base Wars. Here is info on the map Axis have taken over part of an allied training base. Each team must destroy certain objectives in order to win & survive! Allied Objectives: Primary Objective - Destroy the Axis Controls. Primary Objective - Defend the Allied Radios. Primary Objective - Defend...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein HiddenWolf Coming Soon in September!

SWEFighter has sent in word that his single player map for RTCW will be released at the end of September. Other than that not much is known except he released the following two screen shots.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein HS Base Wars Map Screen-Shots!

Hotshot is back in action with his current map HS Base Wars. Currently there is no word on what the final objectives are so stay tuned, but enjoy the following screenshots. In addition, here is what Hotshot has to say... I will be looking for people to test the map in a server once ive sorted a few things out and my map testers have had the 1st look. Wa...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein New Indiana Jones Campaign Screen-Shots!

Not much to say on this other than check out the pics :). Here is what Hummer had to say though... Using Pog'S textures, here's some basic texturing on the tomb that BlackAdder_NZ built:


Return to Castle Wolfenstein Aztek Map Screen-shots!

The folks at Tram Design whom are making theDeGeneration mod want to share 4 screen-shots for their upcoming map Aztek nothing else was released at least yet :(. This map is currently in alpha stage & is designed by Demonspawn.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein Indy Jones ET Map Update

Hummer has posted progress pics on his portion of the upcoming ET map based on the Indiana Jones movies.The early beta I tested was really impressive, with more yet to come, this map is sure to please with it's textures and layout!


Return to Castle Wolfenstein New Barn Level ScreenShots for X-Box Live

Activision today brings us 3 new screen shots of the barn level for rtcw tides of war for x-box live. Check them out below...