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Return to Castle Wolfenstein New Screenshots for the ETF mod

The ETF mod has posted some new screenshots up on their site for those who may be concerned, but for those who don't know what ETF is, go , that will pretty much explain everything. Here is also a quote from the site for those who wish to not take the link. Q. "What is ETF?" A. "...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein RTCW Degeneration Patch

Tram Design has released notice that they are planning to release a patch for Degeneration next Tuesday. The largest update that this patch will include is new support for Mac's, in addition it will fix several bugs in the Linux and Windows core files. A ZIP install will now be available of the file...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein DeGeneration Review + Mod Release!

Well, I forced myself to get it done tonight :). Go download the mod now and start playing!!! Below is my review of the mod. I hope it wets your wistle while you download the puppy :). Jdawgg's Review I was also given the opportunity to BETA test the mod. I have started my own server and ran aro...


Return to Castle Wolfenstein DeGeneration open beta release set for 7-27

Check out Tramdesign for more info on this awesome mod and the first public release.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein The DeGeneration site is up

The DeGeneration site is up! Run on over and get yourself an eye full of screenshots and some info on what it's all about and if you see a question not asked in the FAQ don't hesitate to drop us a line in the forum and ask away.


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