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Well, this has been under discussion for months, and now the decision to close RoNFiles has finally been made official. It's always sad to see a site go down the drain, especially one for a game which had lots of potential. Sadly, the Rise of Nations series didn't fulfill it's full potential as many hoped it would. Since the game fell so hard, it's predictable that fansites would go down the same road without any community to hold them up. Frankly, I wish I could have done more to help the site. As a web designer, it leaves a bitter feeling when a project fails, and as a person, it's disheartening to realise that your efforts weren't good enough. However, I do realise that RoN lacked a strong community following, and as a result of that, there wasn't really much of anything to keep the site going on. You never know, maybe if another instalment of the RoN series is released sometime in the future and performs better than it's predecessors, we may just return. Until then, this is the end of the road. All the downloads we have here are still active, and will remain as such indefinitely, so the file archive isn't going anywhere. Well, thank you for visiting the site everyone, but it's time for the curtain call. ~ Kouen
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