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Firstly, I'd like to introduce myself. Hi, I'm Kouen, the new site manager for RoNFiles (as a result of recent changes in the network). I'm sure everyone's aware that the site is pretty much in a code red right now, and I'm hoping I can resolve that. To do that, there are a few things which will be happening around here... Firstly, affiliations. I've laid out rough guidelines for an affiliates program. If any other RoN-based sites out there are interested in an affiliation, please read the details here. Secondly, files. Submission activity is, admittedly, all but dead. There are probably two reasons for this - either the Rise of Legends modding community is non-existant, or people were discouraged because of the seeming lack of site activity. If it's the former, ouch, poor game... If it's the latter, well, the site is (hopefully) going to be getting more active now, so file submissions won't be left in the inbox unchecked. Thirdly, something of a community project - an online strategy guide! This will include info on the playable factions, units, technologies, and any walkthroughs/strategies people would like to submit. I'm going to start work on that shortly, after I've cleaned up my duties elsewhere on the network. There's probably more to come, but that's all there is to plan for right now. One step at a time, and all that. Any ideas for other site content is entirely welcome, naturally. I'll see about creating a submissions form, but for now, you can email any suggestions to the files inbox with "Suggestion: " in the subject field. Well, that's pretty much it. Just the outline few efforts to get activity going around here. All there really is to do right now, is thank you guys for being our faithful members. This network wouldn't be what it is without y'all! ~ Kouen
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