Join our Rocket League 2v2 Tournament on Saturday 21st April!

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Published by FileTrekker 8 months ago , last updated 8 months ago

That's right, the first official GameFront cup is being held on the new Rocket League tournament system on Saturday, 21st April 2018!

This is a 2v2 event, so be sure to bring a friend and sign up now! You can find the cup listed on Rocket League's tournament system as "GameFront Cup". There are 128 slots available in the tournament, and the event begins 17:00 UTC, you can find the time in your local area using this link.

So be sure to join us for the GameFront cup, you may be featured on our YouTube channel, and the winners will be announced on Social Media and will also win an ACTUAL CUP*.... so see you there, and be sure to lookout for the official Team GameFront (FileTrekker & Mikey)!

*Cup is actually a mug and not a proper sporting cup because we're cheap like that.

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8 months ago by Mikey

I'm in.

7 months ago by MoterCrozz

this isn't re-volt