Rocket League comes clean with Crate Item Drop Odds

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Published by FileTrekker 4 months ago , last updated 4 months ago

Crates were added to Rocket League back in 2016, and are unlocked with decryptor keys which can be bought from the Steam store. The crates contain various items, some more desirable than others, and like other loot box business models, it's never quite clear what it is you're paying for. In essence, it's a bit of a gamble.

Game developers are starting to move away from the business model due to backlash, and those that are staying with loot boxes are being more transparent about how they work and what you're paying for. Rocket League developer Psyonix have now done the same, explaining exactly how their crate system works and the odds of you getting the item you really want;

  •  Rare item: 55 percent  
  •  Very Rare item: 28 percent  
  •  Import item: 12 percent  
  •  Exotic item: 4 percent  
  •  Black Market item: 1 percent  
  •  Painted version of item: 25 percent chance   
  •  Certified version if item: 25 percent chance  
This means that the more desirable items, especially exotic and black market items, are incredibly hard to get, and the chances are you'll get the same rare and very rare decals and paint schemes over and over again.

This is more apparent when the way the system actually works was broken down in their recent blog post; when you open a crate in Rocket League, the game first roles for the rarity of the item you will get using the percentages above. Once it has done that, it will pick an item of that rarity at item, and then it will be a 1/3 chance of the item being standard, painted or certified depending on the item.

Psyonix say this has always been the case and that if there were to be any changes to how crates work, they will publish an update on their blog. In the mean time, it's now a little clearer for those buying decryptor keys the chances of getting what they want, and weather it's all really worth it.

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