Rocket League is now Free to Play until Monday 9th!

By FileTrekker 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

The world cup is in full swing, and for this writer, his home team of England are actually putting on a pretty good showing this year. So what better time, if you have not already, to jump into the wonderful world of Rocket League?

For those living under a rock, Rocket League is a blend between Micro Machines, Kerbal Space Program and European Football, where you take rocket powered cars, and engage in incredibly addictive ball-game antics, loosely based on the rules of soccer, with other game modes also available based on other popular sports including hockey, basketball, and a fight in a pub car park (rumble mode).

It's celebrating it's third birthday as part of this event, but it's still getting regular, major updates, new DLC and is a hot topic on the e-sports scene. It's incredibly addictive once you get into it, and the good news is you now have the rest of the week to get hooked yourself, completely for free. The game is free to play until Monday 9th July 2018.

We're always playing Rocket League, so if you're looking for someone to play with, drop a message in our official Discord channel or on the forums! Oh, and if you do find yourself hooked? The game is available to buy at 50% discount.

There's some good news for existing players too, however, with new anniversary items available via collectible balloons, this time without the ususal crates and decryptors requirement.

We’re changing up how you earn Customization Items during the Anniversary Event as well. There will be no Event Crates this time around, with all of the new items available by redeeming SARPBC 10th Anniversary-themed ‘Balloons,’ which are earned by playing matches online. Check out screenshots of some of the items below!

Along with new items up for grabs, you'll also be able to redeem Balloons for a new type of Anniversary surprise! These ‘Golden Eggs’ do not require a Key or Decryptor to unlock, so just crack up to ten of ‘em open to find one of over 60 possible Customization Items from our retired Champions Series Crates.

There's also the new 'Throwback Stadium', the stadium from the original version of the game now available in it's own playlist.

You can check out the announcement, and try the game for free now here.


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