RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Update v2 Full - European

This update adds major fixes to the Fireworks Mixmaster, improved decision logic, improved Park Inspector behaviour and various other additi...


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This update adds major fixes to the Fireworks Mixmaster, improved decision logic, improved Park Inspector behaviour and various other additions, improvements and bug fixes.

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Download 'RCT3_1stRETAIL-UPDATE2_EU.EXE' (13.03MB)

More Peeps Balancing

- Enhance peep leaving park behavior by add time limit to ensure churn of fresh peeps
- Dividing the way 'waiting for group' behavior is reported.
- Inject more single peeps and reduce the probability of big groups being created
- The VIP objective, where the VIP wants to visit a certain type of theme, is now easier to satisfy
- Peeps are less complaining when experiencing temperature extremes

Mixmaster enhancements

- Scrubbing with echoing sound feedback added
- Maximum number of tracks now extends as tracks are added (to ~ one screen height above the last track)
- Song-file waveform preview
- Spacebar to play/pause
- Adding new fireworks causes fireworks list to stretch off the screen If easy (from forum list)
- User-created fireworks are saved with the show, negating the need to distribute the .frw file


- Correction to German texts

Other Enhancements

- Stratacoaster braking force increased
- Fixed the circumstance where color settings and other custom fireworks were not saved with firework displays
- Increased maximum train length for Suspended Swinging Car
- Some height limits (e.g. Monster Trucks and Wooden Coasters) have been increased
- Corrected some problems where importing wooden coasters from RCT1 and RCT2 undesirable performance
- Starting dates can now be changed in scenario editor
- LOW FRICTION check-box added to coaster operation mode panel that reduces friction, which is especially helpful for tracks imported from RCT and RCT2
- Confirmation box now prompts players upon deleting coasters and attractions.
- Optimizations to 3D code and asset files has resulted in better overal performance
- Powered Launch as been added to Twister coasters
- Removed the REFLECT BACKGROUND option from the Display Options control panel


- Reordered the sorting technique that previously resulted in disappearing rotating cars on the Virginia Reel
- Added previously missing particles for some effects
- Corrected an infrequent instance of the game crashing while loading a save game
- Corrected the circumstance where water rides were not speeding up on the down-slopes
- Corrected the circumstance where splash boats and rafts were too fast
- Corrected the instance where some coasters had overlapping trains
- Peeps no longer become lost on rides if the ride is switched to test mode or is closed
- Attendance calculations refined
- Corrected a rare and complex interaction between some soundcards being present in the same computer with some video cards that resulted in reduced frame-rate

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