RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Soaked! Update v1 - European



This is the latest official patch for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Soaked!



Bug fixes

1. Crash synching swimsuit stall in Oasis of Fun scenario fixed
2. Crash rotating coaster template near map edge fixed
3. Crash loading custom structures fixed
4. Crash loading save game fixed
5. Crash changing station piece to spray piece on Roller Soaker coaster fixed
6. Crash deleting cloned fireworks fixed
7. Admiring the view bug fixed
8. Tracks with separate load/unload stations do not work in block section mode fixed
9. Fixed speed tracked rides (e.g.: Ghost Train) fixed
10. Shop choice being reset when editing challenges in Scenario Editor fixed
11. Spiral Lift Hill missing from Spiral Coaster fixed
12. Staff and peeps falling through paths near waterfalls fixed
13. On-ride photos not being taken fixed
14. Some tracks that could not be imported in Soaked fixed
15. Swimming suit prices not visible in $AUS fixed
16. Peeps stuck on benches bug fixed
17. Peeps teleporting from tunnels fixed
18. Peeps getting stuck while taking photos fixed
19. Holding brake on Vertical Drop coaster fixed
20. Multiple trains on Flying Coaster when block section enabled fixed
21. Stormrunner track from tunnel offset fixed
22. Various waterfall related crashes fixed


1. Custom billboards added
2. Massive online served ads added
3. Tunnels can now enter terrain at any angle, rather than just a vertical cliff face
4. Terrain can now be edited under coasters
5. Magic Carpet and Small Ferris Wheel lights are now flexi colored
6. Peeps need for sun cream has been rebalanced
7. Park ownership is no longer reset when resizing park
8. Path tunneling improved
9. Custom Stalls added
10. Peep highlights now available for all peeps, not just custom groups
11. Hide empty categories added to finances window
12. Time for coaster auto-complete to start improved
13. Cycle menu music option added
14. Day/Night transition options added

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