Rome: Total War Fansite Kit

The official fansite kit for Rome: Total War.


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The official fansite kit for Rome: Total War.

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Download '' (35.58MB)

Thank you for downloading the "Rome: Total War" fan site kit. 

Inside you'll find a collection of art and information to give you a headstart on creating your own Rome: Total War web site. 

Contained in this pack:

- Four brand new screenshots first unveiled with this kit
- Rome: Total War logo in JPG and PSD formats
- Total War dogtag logo in JPG and PSD formats
- Activision logo (JPG), Creative Assembly logo (PSD)
- 16 previously released Rome screenshots (to round out your collection)
- An assortment of shots from Medieval: Total War and Shogun: Total War
- Navigation icons, text and borders 
- Graphics and text descriptions of each unit type in the Roman army
- 15 additional assorted unit images
- Rome: Total War Box Shot
- Fact sheet

More information: 

- The official site is at

Once you've got your site rolling, drop us an email to the contact below and we'll make sure you're in the loop on future "Rome: Total War" news.


Jon Lenaway

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