Rome: Total War v1.3 Patch - French

Rome Patch 1.3 FR.exe


An official patch for the retail release of Rome: Total War. It is required for the v1.5 patch.



This document is designed to give the reader a brief overview of the changes that have taken place in patch 1.3 which will affect the game. 

Refer to this document if you encounter difficulties with one or more aspects of installation or running the Rome: Total War game. Many of the most commonly encountered issues are covered here. 

Minimum System Requirements 
These have not changed from the original version of the game. 

Un-install Issues 
You are unable to just uninstall the Patch. If you want to go back to where you were before you will have to uninstall the entire game and then install the game from scratch. 


There are a number of improvements that have been made to the Balancing of the game, which will change the way that the game is played. 
* Spear bonuses against cavalry have been increased (they were previously hard coded and are now moddable, in addition to mount_effect) 
* Braced spearmen (standing ready) now reflect part of any attacking cavalry's charge bonus back on the horse
* Adjusted most units' charge bonuses to improve play balance (especially for cavalry) in response to charge code changes (which fixed an issue for higher bonus values) 
* Reduced archery attack for some elite units 
* Reduced secondary non-phalanx attack for stronger phalanx units 
* Adjusted incorrect shield attribute for several units (to reflect models) 
* Fixed Egyptian desert axemen armour 
* Fixed bug for early and late Thracian and Scythian generals 
* Reduced archer attack from chariots and elephants, and reduced dog attack 


Code Issues 
We fixed a number of different bugs and associated issues for the patch, below you will see some of the headline fixes. 


Campaign Map 
There have been numerous fixes to the Campaign Map. There are a few highlights below. 
* The Load Save bug has been addressed 
* The speed on the campaign map has been improved 
* Improvements to the Campaign map AI 
* Better mix of rebelling units, including mercenary units and fewer peasants 
* Fewer brigands, more pirates and the ability to mod the rate that these appear 
* Fixed issues with the faction graphs where a dead faction was still receiving income 


Battle Map 
As with the campaign map there have been numerous little fixes. A few highlights are: 

* Improvements to the battle AI 
* Pre-battle speeches for the Roman factions now include sections on previous meetings with that faction 


This will enable users to play Multiplayer against other players who have upgraded their version of Rome with a Barbarian Invasion Install.

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