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Mods Call Of Pripyat - English Translations Patch

For those lucky Russians that already have Call of Pripyat and want to play it in English, this translation mod is for you!


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Mods English translation low quality dialogs.

is work of Google translator. This isn't full translation and only covers certain things.


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Mods Sell Everything

Traders in Call of Pripyat will refuse to buy equipment with less than 70% condition, this simple mod will make the traders buy equipment in...


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Mods Carry More Weight + SEVA suit with Night Vision mod

This mod allows you to carry more weight and adds night vision to the SEVA Suit


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Mods S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call Of Pripyat Polish Language

This is a partial Polish Translation mod for Call of Pripyat


Mods Darker "Bump" Shotgun Skin

This mod changes the skin on the "Bump" Shotgun to have a darker look


Mods More money and ammo at start

Hello fellow stalkers, this file grants you extra ammo, guns and money at the start of the game. The author recommend editing your stalkers...


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Mods No Weapon Degrade/100% Perfect Dropped Weapons

This mod makes all dropped weapons have 100% perfect condition and they no longer degrade over time.


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Mods Real Weapon Names + Descriptions

Eagle.And the same goes for all the guns in the game. They all have descriptions as well.The only thing not done is ammo descriptions due t...


Mods Weapon mod - Call of Pribyat

mid-damage-values.Pistols are worth using now! Higher rpm, damage and accuracy.Shotguns are serious Close Combat guns.BM16 can used with det...


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Mods Technicians Repair For Money

This is FIX for technicians. It changes both (freedom and army) technicians in pripyat to repair/upgrade for money, so pripyat will not be e...


Mods Main Character Shadow Bug Work Around

This mod/utility helps correct the issue with the huge shadow bug that can follow the player around.


Mods Starting Equipment Includes Toolkits

No luck finding them tool-kits? Well, no more!This little mod will spawn 2 sets of all 3 tool-kits (6 tool-kits, 3 for every mechanic) when...


Mods Quick Mode

No head-bobing, Tracers on/off (optional), weight limit 50/70, random (droped)weapons conditions, better protection for novice rank


Mods Product N0 4556

This mod is about product N0 4556. It changes grenade launchers so they are devastating weapon just like in the real world.M203-Electo grena...


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Mods Quick Mode

Customization weapons, no-headbobing, weight limit, random condition for dropped weapons, better protection for novice rank, tracers on / of...


Mods Better weapons, more realistic

625 RPM and the weapon have more accuracyAK 74u the weapon have more accuracy and the RPM are increased to 700 RPMthe LR300 have more accura...


Mods Realistic Weapons Ballistics and Sounds

625 RPM and the weapon have more accuracyAK 74u the weapon have more accuracy and the RPM are increased to 700 RPMthe LR300 have more accura...


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Mods More Campfire Music!

for some reason they don't show up in the game, so the author got them working.


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Mods Better English Translation

This is an English Translation for Call of Pripyat by Fags.



customised or even returned to normal for those who just want the weapon tweaks and sounds - see the readme for details.Patterning is a prob...


Mods Natural Flashlight

This small mod contains: Natural flashlight, yellow stamina bar and no grenade power indicator. Only graphic changes. No need to start a new...


Mods Product N0 4556

This mod changes the grenade launchers and grenades that are used for it.Grenade launchers are now very powerfull and devastatingGrenades ar...


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Mods Better Blowout Sounds

This mod replaces the Blowout sounds with better ones.


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