S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat
Call Of Pripyat

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Call Of Pripyat - English Translations Patch Guest 239KB 9,845
English translation low quality dialogs. Guest 260KB 321
Sell Everything MaximDude 8KB 33,324
Carry More Weight + SEVA suit with Night Vision mod Guest 16KB 33,956
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call Of Pripyat Polish Language Guest 463KB 2,122
Darker "Bump" Shotgun Skin Guest 1.07MB 581
More money and ammo at start Guest 267KB 6,988
No Weapon Degrade/100% Perfect Dropped Weapons Guest 133KB 15,240
Real Weapon Names + Descriptions Guest 30KB 7,205
Weapon mod - Call of Pribyat Guest 196KB 2,208
Technicians Repair For Money Guest 6KB 861
Main Character Shadow Bug Work Around Guest 5KB 2,395
Starting Equipment Includes Toolkits Guest 6KB 11,473
Quick Mode Guest 126KB 2,050
Product N0 4556 Guest 953KB 363
Quick Mode Guest 132KB 178
Better weapons, more realistic Guest 2.19MB 1,223
Realistic Weapons Ballistics and Sounds Guest 2.21MB 4,740
More Campfire Music! Guest 8.15MB 7,521
Better English Translation Guest 204KB 4,644
CoP PLUS Guest 22.52MB 1,758
Natural Flashlight Guest 611KB 2,451
Product N0 4556 Guest 953KB 471
Better Blowout Sounds Guest 2.01MB 2,948
Pain and Breathing Sounds Guest 540KB 1,696
Better Weapons, More Realistic Guest 4.31MB 14,768
Compact HUD for CoP Guest 588KB 498
Call of Pripyat FULL English Translaition Guest 509KB 17,820
English CoP Translation Installer Guest 375KB 769
Full Upgrades for Weapons and Armors Mod NovaRain 67KB 24,444
Call of Pripyat Detailed Maps Guest 46.91MB 24,207
CoP PLUS Terrain Guest 15.91MB 537
CoP PLUS Medicals Guest 5KB 436
Compact HUD for CoP *Proper* Guest 592KB 2,336
Weapon Mod CoP Guest 455KB 1,235
Realistics Weapons Guest 3.9MB 3,667
Detailed and Translated COP Maps Package Guest 27.38MB 10,466
CoP Plus Terrain Guest 17.48MB 3,069
Dade's CoP MOD Guest 29.98MB 589
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call Of Pripyat Benchmarker Guest 421.07MB 744
S T A L K E R - Call Of Pripyat Spawn Mod Guest 11KB 19,875
S.M.R.T.E.R. Pripyat Guest 124.34MB 15,213
All Starting Equipment Guest 7KB 30,147
FOV Switcher Guest 13.73MB 17,096
SCoP-Green Mod Guest 29.13MB 459
Less Stress - Mod for Call of Pripyat Guest 286KB 8,856
IL86 & SGI 5k Addon Fix Guest 8KB 2,286
CoP: Real Weapon Names - German Guest 12KB 1,430
Hive-Mind COP MOD Guest 383.14MB 4,634
Fixed Sleep Dialogue (German) Guest 180KB 199
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