Dade's CoP MOD



substantial changes on the HUD: vision and sound indicators disappear, as well as cross-hair, grenade launching meter, as well as damage & grenade indicators. Personally, I suggest you not to cross swamps; if you need so, check it with binoculars, it can be a mortal trap.Creatures also suffers some changes, mainly on their field and distance of view, as on their immunities (from bullets and explosions mainly).From others authors, together with graphics and sound enhancements, there is a hard modification on weapons based on real data. Moreover, weapons no longer zooms when using the iron-sights and grenades (all kinds) are much more destructive than before.Regarding future versions, I have no clue! Many ideas on my mind (for example, acid rain), but let see what I can do - of course, collaborations are well accepted. Anyway, I wish to make a high review of the commerce system, discounts and quest prizes, and of course, apply any suggestion purposed.For any suggestion, bug-report or whatever, feel free to visit: http://stalkerhispano.com/foros/proyectos/dade-s-cop-mod.php


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