Full Upgrades for Weapons and Armors Mod

full_upgrades_mod_1.0.rar —


This mod simply allows you to buy all weapon/armor upgrades. You'll still have to buy Tier 1 upgrades and find tools for mechanics prior to Tier 2/3 upgrades, and some Tier 3 upgrades still require the help of other specialists. Some changes were also made to upgrade schemes: * After you purchase Tier 1 upgrades, you can now directly buy Tier 3 upgrades without the need of Tier 2 upgrades, provided that you give mechanics the tools they need. * The Night Vision scope upgrades of G36, VSS, SVU, and SVD require buying Contrast Sight upgrade first. (Because they both modify the same property, I treat Night Vision as the upgrade for Contrast Sight.) * The Auto-Targeting upgrade of F2000 requires buying Adjustable Scope upgrade first. (Due to some technical issues and personal preference.)    


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